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Brettanomyces Farmhouse Ale Fermented with Strawberries. The Florida forest is a fight for life from undergrowth to treetop. The woodland encircles itself, squelching sections as others grab hold and flourish. The live oak observes this scramble from its perch of power and permanence. Amidst the hurricanes and heat waves, the alligators and oranges, emerges the true crimson crown of our southern peninsula. Ripened and radiant from the Florida sunshine, the strawberry is king of this bountiful land. Bombadile is a Brettanomyces farmhouse ale fermented with a half pound per gallon of ripe Florida strawberries and delicately aged in a French Oak Foeder.

Style: Sour - Other

ABV: 4.2%

Format: 16.9oz Bottles

Ingredients: Strawberries, Foeders

More Details: Barrel-Aged

Origin:  Asheville , North Carolina

More About: Wicked Weed Brewing

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