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Riverside, California

Prison Break Brewery is a company owned and operated by three former inmates with 35 plus total years of prison experience. Now graduated back to the real world, a vision that was born behind the walls and fences is taking shape and becoming a reality beyond the confines of the federal prison system. 

We believe that breaking free of the prison mindset is the first step.

Are there hurdles ahead? Absolutely. Crafting quality beer and starting a company after you leave prison is not a normal path to follow. There is no question in our minds that it is one of the most challenging things a human can do. But if that human has been one of the 7.3 million incarcerated people in America, then they know all about challenges.

Rising to that challenge in a way no one has before, is what Prison Break Brewery is doing. Along the way, we will be working with others who have returned and want something better for their families as well as themselves.

Building a company, giving back to our communities, coming back the right way,

...and brewing some damn fine beer. That’s what we are about.


Prison Break Brewery is as a subsidiary of Out of Bounds Nation, Inc., a positive prison themed brand that provides assistance to those with a criminal past to become entrepreneurs, gain an education, and find worthwhile employment.

In addition, like Out of Bounds Nation, Prison Break Brewery is a public benefit corporation which means we have made several declarations to assist those like us who have a criminal past.

  • Our first declaration will be to provide 5% of our profits to organizations that help children of those who are incarcerated, help women who are victims of violence, LGBTQ victims of violence, and families of law enforcement officers that have been killed in the line of duty.

  • Our second declaration will be to fill the required positions needed as the company grows by hiring those men and women with a criminal past, keeping in line with the Second Chance Hiring Initiative. We will accomplish this by partnering with the OBN Second Chance Initiative Apprenticeship Program. You can find more information by going to our APPRENTICESHIP page.

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