Mango Makku - Makku Delivered By TapRm
Mango Makku - Makku Delivered By TapRm

Mango Makku

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Makku is the first craft makgeolli - unfiltered rice beer- in the U.S. Made with rice, nuruk (Korean fermentation starter), water, yeast and cane sugar, Makku is a modern take on Korea's oldest alcoholic beverage.

The flavor is pleasantly unexpected. The liquid has a creamy texture from the rice sediments, yet is refreshingly light with just a kiss of sweetness. Bubbles give it a champagne-like suggestiveness. For the first time drinker - it’s an unanticipated and new experience. For Makku Mango, they take 100% pureed mango and blend it into their original Makku for a smooth mango fizzy alcohol.

Don't forget to give Makku a quick shake before drinking!

ABV: 6.0%

Format: 12oz Cans

Origin:  New York , NY

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