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Passion Fruit Makku

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Makku is the first craft makgeolli - unfiltered rice beer- in the U.S. Made with rice, nuruk (Korean fermentation starter), water, yeast and cane sugar, Makku is a modern take on Korea's oldest alcoholic beverage.

A wonderful marriage of sweet and tart. Our Passionfruit flavor has a subtle touch of passionfruit and a refreshing hint of tartness that makes the perfect companion to our classic smooth texture. Crafted with passion for passionate tastes.


Picnics in the park, karaoke duets, and spirited debate.

Don't forget to give Makku a quick shake before drinking!

ABV: 6%

Format: 12oz Cans

Ingredients: Passion Fruit

More Details: Gluten-Free

Origin:  Seoul , Korea

More About: Makku

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