Collection: Lost Farmer Brewing Co

Mineola, New York

Lost Farmer Brewing Co. was started by two childhood friends with a passion for beer and business. They are both family men with careers of their own, who came together to create something special. When discussing all that would go into the brewery, the owners wanted to create something they have never seen done before. With their love for the 80s, rustic and industrial design, and craft beer, everything was brought to life at Lost Farmer.

While the theme of the brewery takes on a more retro vibe, the name digs deeper than that. The name, “Lost Farmer,” pays tribute to the farmers growing the malt and hops for the brewing industry. It’s easy to forget about the work that goes into growing the ingredients to create the beer. While the farmers get little recognition, the owners of Lost Farmer recognize and appreciate their hard work.

WINTERFEST 86 IPA - Lost Farmer Brewing Co Delivered By TapRm
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