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Sonoran Shimmer

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Sonoran Shimmer Helles Lager is a German-styled malted lager beer that has a pleasant sweetness and full body with very little bitterness making it incredibly drinkable and delicious. The story of this beer conveys one of the adventures of Hans Von Biermann, the Bone Haus patriarch and alleged nephew of the Lost Dutchman. Hans journeyed to the Arizona Territory in the latest 1800s to find his uncle and his mine but struggled to do so. Sonoran Shimmer is specifically about the extreme effects of the desert heat where you must be diligent to not be fooled by mirages. The Sonoran Shimmer promises relief by revealing a lush oasis, but once approached, the oasis disappears.

Style: Lager - Helles

ABV: 5%

Format: 16oz Cans

Flavors: Sweetness, Full body

Origin:  Fountain hills , Arizona

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