Your Post-Vax Summer Starter Kit

The summer of 2019, when we were all blissfully unacquainted with Covid-19, was “hot girl summer.” It could be argued, then, that the summer of 2020 was “couch girl summer.” This summer stands to be markedly more exciting: “shot girl summer.”

As more and more of us get vaccinated, this summer is suddenly opening up to be a world of possibility. People are planning vacations, beach trips, reunions with friends, and losing their debit cards in bars again. So many of the things that seemed perfectly normal and run of the mill pre-2020 now feel like the thrill of a lifetime. At least for a while, no one is going to be taking moments with friends or being able to travel or go to a concert for granted. 

We’re by no means out of the woods, of course. Masks are sticking around, and you probably shouldn’t wedge yourself into a shoulder-to-shoulder crowd of strangers anytime even remotely soon. But really, all of that seems like no sweat when it comes to being able to get out there and live life and be out in the world, right? 

The excitement we can fully, safely, legitimately embrace right now is worth one hearty cheers. You know how it feels to crack your favorite beer ever at the end of a particularly crappy day? That summer is the beer to this past year’s crappy day. And of course, we couldn’t imagine anything better to pair with this entire resurgence of life than actual beer, or seltzer or hard tea or hard kombucha--you get the picture. It’s time to kick back, it’s time to celebrate, it’s time to raise a glass or a bottle or a can or a plastic cup with friends in the sunshine. It’s a new summer, a new you, a new world. So we’ve got your “shot girl summer” starter kit right here.


The TapRm Beer & Shot Special

Your post-vax summer starter kit appropriately starts with that vax, after all, so TapRm is here to celebrate that shot with your first celebratory drink, free!

If you haven’t made your appointment yet, get started on your path to a post-vax summer by heading to the NY State Covid-19 Resource Center. For anyone who’s gotten vaccinated or is planning on it, you can check a box telling us just that when you check out on your next TapRm order. To say a massive “cheers to you!” for getting the jab, we’ll give you a beer for free. What’s better than free beer?! Well, getting vaccinated, of course, but this neatly ties those two wins together in one easy step. Consider your post-vax summer off to the races.


SolSet Electrolyte Hard Seltzer Variety Pack

Last summer was all about staying in, and this summer is all about getting out there--safely, considerately, and masked, of course. That means we’d all better get energized, and nothing’s a better fit for the natural high of heading outdoors with friends than a sparkling, refreshing, flavorful hard seltzer that just so happens to pack in rejuvenating electrolytes. SolSet’s delicious and crushable seltzer is a treat for any occasion, coming in flavors like Black Cherry, Lime Zest, Ruby Red Grapefruit, and Tropical Citrus. These seltzers not only have electrolytes, but antioxidant vitamin C, too, plus only have 100 calories, 1 gram of carbs, and 1 gram of sugar. You can experience the energy and the different flavors in this variety pack.


Great South Bay Brewery Mix Packs

On that note, variety packs are a real clutch necessity for this post-vax summer. They capture the party-in-a-can or party-in-a-box vibe we’re all leaning into, they offer some newness and excitement alongside faithful favorites, and they’re just the thing for gathering with friends. Great South Bay Brewery has two stellar options depending on your preferences (or you could be the hero of your crew and get both). There’s the Tipsy Tea Variety #2 assortment, featuring Great South Bay’s spiked lemonade, tea, and punch iterations. Beach-themed backyard hangs, anyone? And then there’s the Great South Bay Mixed 12 Pack, a total dream for beer lovers with four of each of these classics: the Blood Orange Pale Ale, the Therapy Session IPA, and the Blonde Ambition Blonde Ale. Balancing hoppiness and clean crushability, this pack has something for everyone.


Downeast Cider Original Blend

After giving it a shake (trust us), crack open a can of Downeast Cider and take a sip of sun-soaked orchards, farm trips, lazy meadow hangs, childhood memories, and picnics that go from lunch-time past lightning-bug-catching time. Downeast Cider is true craft cider that actually tastes like the apple cider you’d drink while apple-picking as a kid, but with a kick of booze and a lovely mouthfeel from its unfiltered smoothness balanced by refreshing crispness. 

The pandemic has kicked up a collective sense of nostalgia, making many of us revisit everything from baking our grandmas’ recipes to re-bingeing The O.C. This summer, Downeast Cider Original Blend helps capture an overall sense of happy, sunny calm. 


Jackalope Brewing Company Sarka Pilsner

Take it from Jackalope, themselves: “this beer is enjoyed best on the patio with good friends.” Consider us sold.

The Sarka Pilsner perfectly combines two essential elements for this kind of summer: it’s classic, reliably great, an old favorite--an old friend, even; it’s also refreshing and ready to shake things up with just how masterfully it’s executed. It’s the most versatile, crushable, drink-whenever, drink-forever beer style, done with an attention to detail and a focus on quality. Sarka is a real beaut, a pilsner that will glow with its golden hue from patios to park hangs.


Coastal Spritz Pure Rosé Spritz

There’s a reason that “rosé all day” has been a catchphrase for a few years now, describing the joy of sitting outside on a lovely summer day with no plans other than catching up with friends and sipping bright, beautiful rosé. It’s a mood--nay, a lifestyle, and thanks to Coastal Spritz, that lifestyle is sparkling and extra refreshing this year, just in time for our sparkling and extra refreshing summer.

The Coastal Spritz Pure marries rosé with sparkling water at 6% ABV and under 100 calories to create a light and irresistible beverage that channels south-of-France getaway vibes and elevates everything occasion from brunches with friends to low-key deck hangs with a good book.


Owl’s Brew Matcha Boozy Tea

At this point, we’ve probably all got our lists of things we can’t wait to do as the weather warms up and we can head out into the world with our shiny new vaccinated statuses. The only trick to pairing a drink with everything from road trips to backyard dinners to catching a band play in the park is to think about big, beautiful, refreshing flavors. 

Many of us are also probably paying even more attention to our health these days, and so while we can’t wait to shake things up, we might be thinking about how to do so in ways that feel somewhat friendlier to our systems. Enter: Owl’s Brew Matcha Boozy Tea. Flavored with tart pineapple and sweet, herbal chamomile, this sparkling beverage certainly packs all that flavor, but it does so completely naturally. There are no chemicals or artificial ingredients here: all the taste comes from real tea. We’ll drink to that.


Lunar Lychee Hard Seltzer

The Southeast Asian lychee tastes light, sweet, and floral, and people compare its flavor to grape, rose, watermelon, and pear, but arguably even better because of how all those notes mingle together to create something truly unique. It’s no wonder lychee is such a popular foundation for cocktails, and that any kind of lychee drink pairs so well with so many foods. 

A brand built on crafting exceptional hard seltzers by sourcing real, authentic ingredients to showcase incredible Asian flavors, Lunar has created a lychee hard seltzer that makes it so easy and fun to enjoy this fruit all summer long. It’s made with real fruit nectar from lychee grown in Thailand. Crushable, fruity, floral, sparkling--our level of excitement to enjoy Lunar’s Lychee Hard Seltzer matches our excitement for this whole season.


An Appropriately Named IPA

If you’re an IPA lover, nothing says “let’s celebrate,” “let’s relax and treat ourselves,” and “let’s enjoy a reward after a hard day (or, you know, hard year and change)” like a burst of perfectly bitter, resiny, dank, citrusy hops, beautifully balanced by fruity notes. Whether you love a West Coast style, a New England style, or you’re an IPA Switzerland, something about this beer style just feels well suited for revving up and making the most out of this post-vax summer. 

Especially when we just so happen to have a handful of IPAs that boast names too perfect for our current reality. We all know that breweries are just as creative with their beer names and can art as they are with their brewing, and these IPAs are examples of that that are timed to toast this summer right.

There’s 18th Ward Brewing’s Future Memory Session IPA, because we all hope this pandemic becomes just a memory in the future, right? Albeit one that inspires a serious overhaul in a host of things like healthcare access and workers’ rights, among many other things. There’s Coronado Brewing Company’s Never Better DIPA, because frankly, with a new outlook that has many of us savoring every little aspect of our ability to get out there and see friends and family, we’re feeling like we’ve never been better. And then there’s Mayflower Brewing Company’s New World IPA, because it’s a whole new world of possibility out there this summer, and we’ve also experienced a year that has taught us what a better new world we can create with a little determination.

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