Your Black Friday Shopping Guide

Thanksgiving is upon us, friends. As we’ve mentioned here before, we’re big fans. So, we’re ready to get together with our favorite people, eat our favorite foods, and drink our favorite drinks. If only holiday were so simple, and every day so fun! Now that it’s crunch time, you probably have a good idea of what said eating and drinking plans will entail. (Which, by the way, you should totally share with us on Twitter.) Not to overwhelm you or anything with the idea of yet more planning now that you’ve finally figured out your celebration plans, but guess what comes the very next day after Thanksgiving? 

Yep, Black Friday is coming, but there is zero need to stress. With just a tiny bit of a game plan, this day can be restored to its original glory, which is a day of scratching items off your shopping list at deep discounts. Truly! Sounds like a hot take, but Black Friday can be fun. Think of the rush of stocking up on gifts and hosting and festivity needs and saving your hard-earned dollars! And, it’s even more guaranteed to be fun and leave you feeling as satisfied as a good Thanksgiving dinner all holiday season long as you think about the treasures you got and the money you didn’t spend. We don’t want to use the word “smug” but let’s be honest, you can gloat a little when you see other people scrambling on December 23.

We’re here to help with all this making-Black-Friday-fun-and-efficient business. After all, it’s even better when you’re buying your favorite drinks and exploring new drinks to make new favorites out of, all to delight your friends and family and make toasting the season a million times tastier. Gift-giving can be tough and people’s tastes in things like clothing and home goods are fickle--say it with beer! Or non-alcoholic beer! Not only are we offering foolproof Black Friday shopping ideas, but we’re even going to help with the planning to make the shopping experience extra smooth.

How to Save

Well, this one’s easy. Save by shopping on TapRm! You’ll find the discounts there. And, sign up for SMS texts, because subscribers get special deals--we’re talking exclusives, baby, and early access!

What to Buy

Trust us, we know how many wonderful options we’ve got on the site--not to toot our own horn or anything, but, ya know, toot toot. So, let’s break down some things you might be looking for with some recommendations for each need (even if you pretty much can’t go wrong whatever you add to cart). 


Special Gifts

Variety packs might possibly be the ultimate gifting game-changer. They take all the thoughtful curation and impressive assorting and packaging together you could ever want in a gift, that will tell someone on your list how special they are, and they make it a true snap. You’re giving the gift of exploration as your recipient makes their way through the pack, or you can choose a pack featuring things you already know they love--it’s a win-win. Invite your recipient into the cool club with a variety pack of TapRm exclusives, beverages they won’t be able to order anywhere else. Treat the hop fan on your list to a pack of beers really showcasing beautiful hop aromas and flavors. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we’ve also got a mix-pack of hard ciders, teas, seltzers, and kombuchas, an exciting journey through dreamy flavors and eclectic options. And, if your recipient has New York pride or is itching to visit, try a pack of gems from New York breweries.

Another great option is choosing an elegant bottle, which promises a special beer inside. An occasion in and of themselves, these types of bottles always behold something painstakingly made, carefully aged, and bursting with flavor and complexity. These are the types of beers to treasure, aging in your cellar until you call upon it for a celebration, or just drink right away to make that celebration right now, and so they’re an instant hit for gift recipients. Opt for Wicked Weed’s Medora, a wild ale fermented with Brettanomyces and aged on blackberries and raspberries in red wine barrels, The Rare Barrel’s Lotsa Heart, a golden sour aged in oak barrels with elephant heart plums, or Ross Brewing’s Brux Royale Belgian Chocolate Stout, made with Belgian chocolate, cacao nibs, molasses, vanilla, milk sugar, and Belgian abbey ale yeast. Or, for cider drinkers, treat them to Romilly Cidre Doux (Sweet).


Hosting Game-Changers

Variety packs are a genius idea for hosting, too. They’re one-and-done shopping for your holiday parties, helping you not just shop for a crowd on a budget and in a flash, but helping you wow said crowd. Variety packs mean that even if you’ve got a group coming with all kinds of beverage love, from hoppy IPAs to crisp lagers to fruity seltzers, you can cover your bases, and without adding stress to the already stressful gig of hosting. In addition to the variety packs we mentioned above that double as great gifts, plenty of brands on TapRm have mix-packs that will really elevate your party planning. Grab Owl’s Brew ParTea Pack #2 with lighter, botanical boozy teas and complement that with their Fireside Pack that features cozier flavors like Espresso MarTEAni and Spiced Chai & Cranberry. Delight the beer fans on your guest list with a New Belgium variety pack, featuring brews of the fruity, hoppy, wheaty, and crispy persuasions. Or stock up on gorgeous Asian fruit flavors in the form of hard seltzer, ready to pair with and totally refresh dishes you’re serving, via this pack from Nectar.

Another route is thinking about classic hosting essentials and then finding updates--or should we say upgrades?--to take some of your guests’ expectations, meet them, then blow them away. We’re talking wine-based drinks that capture all that rich, fruity, spicy, warm, tart, acidic, sweet, jammy flavor, lighten it, and make it sparkle. These spritzes look stunning in your fancy glassware you save for entertaining, pair effortlessly with whatever’s on the menu, and are sure to please. Try DITTO’s Piquette Spritz, or go Coastal with rosé, chardonnay, or watermelon or pineapple--and yes, they’ve got a variety pack, too. It’s also a good idea to think about grand finales and statement pieces--aka, a beer you can pull out with dessert to make everyone ooh and aah, both in terms of what a coveted beer it is and of how decadent it is. To achieve this, we recommend Southern Tier’s beloved Pumking pumpkin ale. 


Drinks to Always Have on Hand 

We recently covered these kinds of drinks in our blog post on staple beers. Head there to really see what we mean, but basically, especially as holiday and seasonal drinks come and go and different celebrations and times of the year mean different big flavors and different drink needs, there is always the need for light, easy-drinking, versatile classics. Beers that go with any occasion, any weather, any dish, any mood. Black Friday is such a good time to save while you stock up on some of these essentials: Sunday Beer Light & Tight Anytime Lager, Gay Beer Golden Lager, Ross Brewing Shrewsbury Lager, Tivoli Brewing Mile Hi Hefe, Jack’s Abby Post Shift Pilsner, Oyster Bay Brewing Oyster Bay IPA, Japas Cervejaria’s Sawa Yuzu Sour, EBBS Gose No. 1, Mayflower Brewing Mayflower Porter, and Athletic Brewing Upside Dawn Golden Ale.  

Plenty of non-beer options fit this bill, too, promising delicious flavors that you can always count on to refresh, pair, quench, and delight. Lunar’s variety pack is an irresistibly easy way to fill your fridge with craft hard seltzer in Asian fruit flavors like Yuzu, Lychee, Korean Plum, and Passion Fruit. Or, take a botanical approach with a variety pack of seltzers from AMASS. Hard kombucha lovers as well as people who simply lover big, bold flavors in easy-drinking, feel-good formats should lean into UpDog Kombucha in varieties like ginger turmeric, mojito, jasmine lavender, or peach basil. And, there’s pretty much no situation for which a perfect, dry cider like this one from Shacksbury isn’t a great fit.


Things You’ve Been Wanting to Try--Now’s the Time, with a Discount!

Balancing out the equation, what you need in addition to all those timeless staples and foolproof favorites, is some adventure! There’s a big, wide world of options, experiences, and flavors out there in drinks, and the journey of discovery, trying new things, and finding new foolproof favorites is a huge part of the thrill of being a craft beverage lover. Black Friday’s deals and discounts make this kind of exploration more affordable and therefore more enticing than ever. If you’ve been curious about something, now’s the time to take the leap!

Dive into makgeolli, Korea’s oldest alcoholic beverage that’s experiencing a craft renaissance, with traditional and new creative flavors alike from MAKKU. There’s the original variety as well as Blueberry, Mango, and Passion Fruit, and a variety pack to try them all. To take an instant mental tropical vacation any time, get into Osena’s hard coconut water, in Original and Pineapple. Try the buzz of hard coffee with a burst of sparkle and a pop of flavor, from Sail Away Coffee Co., in Original, Mimosa, Pina Colada, or Ocean Berry--or, again, YAY for variety packs! Try a ginger beer from Artisan Beverage Coop, or hopped hard kombucha from Dr Hops in Strawberry Lemon, Kombucha Rose, and Kombucha IPA.

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