Where Ya’ Headed? A Beer Pro on the Best Spots to Drink: Will Ryan in NYC

It’s a whole big world of great breweries and fun bars out there, ready to be enjoyed. There’s only one obstacle: where do you even begin? At TapRm, we can vouch for the endless possibilities firsthand, as we get to work with so many breweries and beverage brands at the top of their game--from execution and quality to creativity and innovation--from all across the country. Recently, we were able to put together a mega-guide to summer road trips with incredible beer destinations in cities around the United States, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Conveniently, however, partnering with all these ace brands, delivering to doorsteps in so many cities, and working with our own star team all mean that we are rich in experts. Beer and beverage experts who are ready to tell us all the best spots to hang and what to drink there and why. These beverage geniuses make it oh so easy and oh so fun to navigate that aforementioned whole big world of great breweries and fun bars. So, we decided to share the wealth and start talking to some of these pros and VIPs and tastemakers here on the blog, so you can start making to-do lists, planning trips, and texting friends about where you’re visiting next. We’re thrilled to present the first ever edition of “Where Ya’ Headed?,” which will be a series of Q&A’s in which a different enthusiast + connoisseur points us in the direction of where they go for all different drinks, moods, and occasions.

First up is Will Ryan, who’s on our team right here at TapRm. Take it away, Will!

Can you introduce yourself to our readers, Will?

Hello! I am Will Ryan! I am the director of new business for TapRm. My focus is to get craft beer brands big and small an e-commerce solution that works for them. I live in beautiful Williamsburg, Brooklyn with my girlfriend.

What was your gateway craft beer?

When I was 19 I had my first Sierra Nevada Torpedo sitting on my friends couch before we went out to drink Natty Light all night. I was shocked at the rich citrus flavors and from there I was hooked!

What is currently your favorite beer style?

Light lager forever and always. 5% and under.


Okay, let’s get into where you’re headed! What's your destination when you want to really explore--try a beer you've never had before, dig further into a certain beer style, talk to a super knowledgeable bartender, track down a beer you've been hearing about?

Beer Karma is my favorite place to catch up on what’s going on in the beer world. The staff is friendly and they always have a fantastic selection of beers from here and away.


Where ya’ headed when you're going out with a group of friends on a Friday night?

You can find me Friday to Sunday at either The Commodore or Minnows drinking Budweiser and shots of Fernet Branca. If I’m outside of my neighborhood, I’m crushing pints of Industrial Arts at Bar Great Harry.

Where ya’ headed when you're catching up with a friend you haven't seen in a while on a Saturday afternoon or evening?

Saturday afternoons are sacred as I end my run, take a shower, and head out for the day. I am obsessed with going to Yellow Rose right now. A cold Sunday Beer there is the perfect accompaniment to friends and their incredible food!

Where ya’ headed when you're meeting up with family or friends on a Sunday afternoon?

Threes Brewing in Greenpoint is always a nice way to end the weekend. I can sip Vliets and talk about what’s going on for the week and grab a burger while I’m at it.


Where ya’ headed when you want to try the latest and greatest new beers from a favorite brewery?

Proletariat always has the best beers on. Industry legends bartend and buy the beer so everything is fantastic. They’ve always got something obscure that is beautiful and drinkable.


Where ya’ headed after a day of being active and/or outdoors?

My favorite place to end my runs is Sante Fe in Williamsburg. I’ll grab a breakfast burrito and an ice cold beer from the bodega and hang on my couch. That is self care.


Where ya’ headed for a nightcap, after maybe a show or special dinner?

After a special dinner I like to go to A-Bar in Greenpoint to drink cheap beers and whiskey. I can never seem to have one nightcap.

Where ya’ headed when you're venturing out of town--where's your all-time favorite beercation spot and why?

Get on a plane to Charleston, get the biggest plate of Lewis BBQ possible, then walk across to Edmund’s Oast and start you vacation in the best way.

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