What is TapRm’s “Deals & Steals” Section--and Why You Need to Be Shopping It

Recently, TapRm quietly rolled out a new section on the site called “Deals & Steals.” A beer sale? A beer sale that’s always on? Cue the so-cheesy-they’re-amazing local car dealership commercials from the ‘80s and ‘90s: “These prices are so low, you’ll think we’ve lost our marbles!” The truth is, yes, the prices are bonkers. But no, we haven’t lost our marbles--we’re just keeping TapRm’s inventory fresh-fresh-fresh, and we get to offer you some of the best craft beverages in the country at an absolute steal. 

So, let’s unpack what the Deals & Steals section is all about. 


What’s going on?

Drinks get added to the Deals & Steals section because we’ve got a limited stock of them and they’re about to be discontinued--in other words, they’re going…going…about to be gone. The reason for this is that our priority is keeping our inventory fresher than fresh, all the time. It’s important beers be consumed when they’re at their best. That preserves the way the brewers painstakingly made them and want them to be enjoyed, and it also promises you, the imbiber, a great experience. When we send you a beer within its window of freshness, we can rest assured you’re going to get something that tastes good. What that means is that we’ve got to keep our inventory ever on the move. 

Plus, we’re big supporters of our brands’ creativity, innovation, and quality. That is why we love them and feel lucky to work with them, after all! It’s pretty common for our brewery partners to come to us and let us know they’ve got a new version of something in the works, as these brilliant beer minds never rest in improving what we think are already perfect drinks--we never cease to be amazed. Anyway, that means we’ve got to make room for, say, an IPA with a different hop or a longer dry-hop. All in all, this revolving door means we get to offer you big savings as top-notch beverages are on their way out.


Why does it matter?

Not to toot our own horn but…toot, toot: we think the Deals & Steals section is pretty game-changing for your beverage shopping. Cans are--drumroll, please--one dollar. That means $4 four-packs, $12 12-packs, and $24 24-packs where available. Specialty bottles, like the treasures you cellar or pop on a special occasion (which could very well be and honestly should be any old Tuesday, live your best life), are $5. This makes restocking your beer fridge even more fun than ever before, and a lot easier and more accessible. You can really treat yourself. You can buy beers for friends. You can be like a summertime Santa Claus showing up at the barbecue or group beach trip with an absolutely stuffed cooler. It’s enough of an excuse to throw a party. 

If this seems too good to be true, well, see above! We’re keeping our stock moving, and that means you get to keep your fridge full of unique craft gems and go-to favorites.


What will you find?

There’s truly something for everyone in Deals & Steals, from barrel-aged sours to hard kombuchas. Let’s take a look at some guaranteed crowd-pleasers, shall we?

Wicked Weed’s Marina is a beautiful blonde sour ale aged in wine barrels over one pound per gallon of peaches and apricots. From upstate New York destination brewery Arrowood Farms, Unending Curiosity is a farmhouse ale brewed with smoked malts and oyster mushrooms and bottle-conditioned with maple syrup for a sweet, smoky, earthy, umami complex finish. The Rare Barrel’s A Tale of Two Persimmons is a $10 splurge--down from $20; this is a special bottle for sure. It’s a golden sour beer aged in oak barrels with Hachiya and Fuyu persimmons. And Ross Brewing’s Tarted Up is a 10% imperial saison loaded with over 500 pounds of tart cherries. 

TrimTab Brewing Co.’s Leave No Trace is an IPA lover’s dream--granola-inspired, it’s brewed with oats, vanilla, and coconut milk for a lush and layered result.

On the non-beer side of things, there’s the Take Five Hard Seltzer Variety Pack--12 cans for 12 bucks! In Mango, Lemon Lime, Cranberry Raspberry, and Cherry; gluten-free, zero-sugar, low-carb, vegan-friendly, and 5%, these refreshers are just absolute fridge staples for any occasion. Other hard seltzer options are equally easy-drinking, clean, and absolutely bursting with flavor, like the Mango & Passionfruit from Willie’s Superbrew, or the perfect-with-tacos, electrolyte-boasting Lime Zest from SolSet. Hard kombucha fans can go fruity and floral with Jiant’s Original: Passion Fruit & Elderflower, or tropical and hoppy with the Citra High Gravity Kombucha from Walker Brothers. Good Trouble Hard Cider has made the lovely apple champagne-like Ella, each can containing over a pound of New York state apples(!) and 100% of proceeds going to charities benefitting women in NYC. There’s also Purple Love’s Purple Tea, a sparkling, floral, spicy, citrusy tea with ginger and lime, only 4% ABV and 90 calories.

Grab these and more Deals & Steals before they’re gone, and give yourself a pat on the back for shopping so responsibly and saving!

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