What Beverage to Give Every Kind of Dad

June means graduations, the year’s first beach trips, probably the year’s first sunburns, an annual revival of popsicles and sandals and road trips, and celebrating dads. Father’s Day, to us, means tipping our caps to whoever identifies as a dad, in any way. That could be your own pops, your surrogate dad, your grumpy but lovable grandfather, your best friend who is a daddio to four Brussels griffons, your cousin who just had a baby, even the person in your friend group who just has serious “dad energy” from their jokes to their making sure everyone knows which way is north at all times. Because literally anyone can embody and be a dad, and anyone is deserving of our gratitude and “cheers”-ing, we think the best way to categorize dads is by vibe.

You know our thoughts on gift-giving for any holiday. Nothing says “I appreciate you” and “I get you” better than beer--or hard seltzer, tea, or kombucha. We’ve time and time again professed our love for the simple perfection of beverage gifting: it’s something you know they love, it’s something they can enjoy whether an old favorite or exciting new discovery, it’s something maybe you can even experience together. So, obviously, we’re going to shout from the rooftops that this Father’s Day, you should save yourself the headache and save the dad you’re gifting the awkwardness of having to pretend to like that pair of socks. And should you fret for a moment that you don’t know what kind of beverage to gift your lucky recipient, all we ask of you is: what kind of dad are they?


Insta Dad: Sixpoint Brewery Party Poppers Hard Seltzer Variety Pack

This dad is where you get most of your news on all things Cool. They might be a little bit of a hipster, and they’re definitely very “online.” They are, essentially, clued in. Their finger is officially on the pulse, and that means everything from the beverage world to music to movies to fashion to sports to media to whatever dogecoin is. They’re not the least bit pretentious about it, either: Insta Dad has seen the future, and they are psyched to share it with you.

Because this dad is up on all the trends is honestly just a heck of a good time, Sixpoint’s new hard seltzer Party Poppers is a great match. Obviously hard seltzer isn’t new news, but its rise through the ranks of rad, formerly beer-only breweries is. A true beer and beverage enthusiast is closely following each brewery that unveils its own seltzer. Sixpoint is the latest to channel its flair for brewing into creating a delicious, pitch-perfect sparkling tipple. And the name, the branding, the flavors--just like Insta Dad, it’s all simply fun. Go for the Party Poppers Variety Pack so your recipient can try a whole bunch of versions of this 100-calorie, 5% ABV must-have: Triple Berry, Lime Cucumber, Lemon Bar, and Passion Fruit Orange Guava.


Pet Dad: Walker Brothers Citra Hops High Gravity Kombucha

If they have 3,000 photos on their phone and 2,998 of them are of their dog, you’ve got a Pet Dad on your hands. This dad is all about Human’s Best Friend. Although, that could also apply just as easily to a cat, or perhaps a lizard or rabbit or tarantula. Whatever the pet, it’s Pet Dad’s priority. And there’s basically nothing sweeter than this dad’s bond with their bud. They’ve probably got snacktime rituals, cuddling patterns, and epic daily walks.

For this dad, we’ve got to recommend Walker Brothers High Gravity Kombucha, and we think the Citra Hops variety will really knock their socks off. It’s 5% ABV, 110 calories, gluten-free, and vegan--a kombucha with a kick. The Citra hops add some tropical notes, and create this new, crushable, easy-drinking, flavor-bursting way to experience beer’s hoppiness. This stuff was just made for hikes with very good doggos, and porch hangs with pretty good if slightly aloof cats.


Music Dad: Jackalope Brewing Company Fennario IPA

“As we rode out to Fennario

As we rode out to Fennario

Our captain fell in love with a lady like a dove

And he called her by name pretty Peggy-O.”  

So opens the song, “Peggy-O,” by the Grateful Dead, a tune so beloved that it’s also been covered by the likes of Joan Baez, Simon & Garfunkel, and The National. Basically, if the dad you’re gifting is into music, there’s a strong chance they’ll know “Peggy-O” and the magic of its fictional and romantic setting, Fennario. And so, they’ll certainly appreciate the name of Jackalope’s Fennario IPA.

In this case, Dad will be falling in love with hop flavor and aroma in Fennario. Jackalope has captured the wonder and appeal of this beer’s namesake with floral and tangerine notes from Simcoe and Amarillo hops plus a golden hue. This brew should of course be paired with Dad’s preferred version of “Peggy-O.”


Farm-to-Everything Dad: Plan Bee Farm Brewery Hive Membership

Does the dad in your life grow everything in their salad in their own backyard? Do they get geeky about herb varieties, love kicking it in the countryside with natural, bountiful meals, and/or enjoy a good farm-to-table restaurant where the menu keeps you guessing but is always fresh and delicious? The Hive Membership from Plan Bee Farm Brewery is an absolute dream gift for anyone who appreciates natural, local ingredients.

Plan Bee Farm Brewery is an exciting and unique purveyor because all of their beers are made with beautifully fresh elements grown right on their farm in Poughkeepsie, New York, or sourced from very close by. The result is a range of farmhouse ales--or barn beers--plus some other special styles like lagers that just burst with harmonious flavors and aromas. Plan Bee’s releases are often limited and offer a glimpse of an ingredient’s harvest time as well as the terroir of the farm’s region, so a subscription to the Hive Membership is an all-encompassing way to experience this. The lucky dad in your life gets a seasonal curation of special Plan Bee beers that reflect the time of year, and this includes exclusives and smaller runs that those who don’t subscribe won’t receive. The bundles also include Plan Bee treasures like their farm-made honey, and other seasonal treats.


Adventure Dad: SolSet Hard Seltzer Variety Pack

It’s 10am, do you know where your dad is? 

Are they on top of a mountain right now? Catching a wave? Training for a marathon? Breaking their distance record on their bike? We all know the kind of dad whose hiking gear perpetually lives by the front door in a heap, ready to run back into nature at a moment’s notice. These dads need SolSet in their lives.

“Made with your ambitions in mind,” SolSet is hard seltzer made with electrolytes and antioxidant vitamin C. It’s a kick-back in a can, refreshing and crisp and fruity and just delicious, but it doesn’t stop there. Like your adventurous dad, SolSet has tons of energy and wants to help any imbiber keep their own energy strong. Help the dad in your life get to know SolSet with the Hard Seltzer Variety Pack, featuring Black Cherry, Lime Zest, Ruby Red Grapefruit, and Tropical Citrus flavors.


Design Dad: AMASS Hard Seltzer Variety Pack

Whether this dad is literally a designer of some sort or not, they’ve got an eye for detail and their own distinctive taste. Their coffee book collection is the stuff of legends. They put tons of time into the perfect minimalist or mid-century aesthetic for their home. They’re collectors, of everything from vinyl to 1980s-era punk zines to chicken-shaped trinket dishes.

Dads like this appreciate things that are unique, things made through thoughtful processes, things with a story, and of course, things that look cool. AMASS Hard Seltzer checks all these boxes with a bubbly kick. This brand dreams up absolutely inspired flavor and aroma combinations based on deep botanic knowledge, like Surfer Rosso: hibiscus, quince, ginger, citrus, turmeric, clove, and star anise; Sun Sign: mandarin, vanilla, and oak; and Faerie Fizz: rose, jasmine, raspberry, green cardamom, and basil. You can get all three varieties in the AMASS Variety Pack. Your lucky gift recipient will love learning about these ingredients and how they work together, plus the clean design on the cans is just so modern and so cool, they might want to start collecting those, too.


Foodie Dad: Moody Tongue Brewing Company Steeped Emperor’s Lemon Saison

If the dad in your life is a dedicated foodie, well, then, congratulations because that probably means you’ve enjoyed at least a few incredible meals prepared by them over the years. Having a foodie father in your family or friend group may have long seemed like the gifting possibilities are endless. But by now, it’s possible this dad already has every kitchen gadget under the sun; you’re bored giving them a cookbook for every occasion; and when it comes to finding a restaurant to give them a gift certificate to, well, they’re actually cooler than you and know the better places, anyway. 

Never fear, beer is here. Once again, a brew comes to the rescue in the form of such a unique, perfect gift. In case you haven’t heard, Moody Tongue Brewing Company recently became the country’s only Michelin-starred brewpub. Their menu has been praised in scores of reviews and just reading it is guaranteed to make anyone hungry and probably will also make them book a trip to Chicago stat. Even if you’re not springing for plane fare at the moment, you can actually give Dad a taste of Moody Tongue’s Michelin status. The Steeped Emperor’s Lemon Saison isn’t just an ideal refresher for summer weather. It’s a star of the pairing options at Moody Tongue’s brewpub and even an ingredient in some of the dishes. This brew is sure to surprise, intrigue, and delight even the most sophisticated food fan.


DIY Dad: Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery Lickinghole Lager

Calling all tinker-ers, tailors, crafters, and cooks, as well as gardeners, carpenters, and painters. We all know that dad who is forever at work on something, except that it’s barely “work,” actually, because they love doing everything from scratch. Acquiring tools, organizing tools, researching projects, and spending hours or days or weeks poring over every painstaking detail is this dad’s jam. It seems there is always something to be built or fixed or improved, and DIY Dad is on the case. 

There is truly nothing better for project days than a good, clean, crisp, refreshing lager. The Lickinghole Lager is just the ticket--at 5%, this easy-drinking and effervescent staple will make any DIY endeavor even more fun, without, you know, making it dangerous to use that drill. Plus, Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery is also all about attention to detail and taking on projects like building sustainable water systems, so they’re extra sympatico with any DIY Dad.

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