Welcome to the Neighborhood: Los Angeles and Atlanta Edition

We’re keeping that ball rolling on the ol’ expansion train over here at TapRm, hanging our shingle in more and more cities and perfecting our touchdown dances every time, because we’re just so excited every time we get to bring the magic of quality craft beverages delivered at your doorstep to new fans in new locales.

In January, we announced that we were officially up and running in Denver, Minneapolis, and Nashville--all grade A craft beverage locations. And, we broke down just a few highlights of what was on tap in each city, since shoppers can get the best of both worlds: local gems and national favorites. This week, we’re enjoying the same kind of rush in rolling out the red carpet in LA and ATL--two more serious craft beverage spots, where our friends, followers, and new fans can stock their fridges with beer, hard seltzer, hard kombucha, hard tea, RTD cocktails, and more, from a few blocks away to a few time zones away.

Without further ado, let’s look at some of the exciting brands you can shop if you’re in sunny Los Angeles or Hotlanta.


What’s On Tap in Atlanta

We’re so excited to join the party in Atlanta, and don’t worry, we brought the beer--all the beer, and the best beer at that. If you live in the red zone of the map below, then ding dong: That’s your favorite beverages delivered right to your doorstep from TapRm!

What to order? Here’s a little #DrinkInspo.

Burial Beer Co.

Burial is one of the hottest craft beer tickets in the South. With its original taproom in Asheville, North Carolina plus locations in Charlotte and Raleigh, this brewery represents hard with crisp lagers, complex stouts, traditional Belgian-inspired ales, and hop-bursting IPAs. Every beer is painstakingly brewed with ingredients that make its flavors and aromas sing, and then it’s canned and wrapped in Burial’s signature aesthetic and artistic vibe. Pursuit is Burial’s helles-style lager--it’s light, crisp, and refreshing, with a dry finish, and a perfectly restrained presence of citrusy bitterness and fresh sourdough bread. It’s an ideal introduction to Burial or an easy favorite to enjoy again and again.

Cutwater Spirits

Hailing from San Diego, California, Cutwater Spirits helped revolutionized the ready-to-drink cocktail game. How? By proving that really any cocktail can come conveniently in a can without losing an iota of flavor or quality. Cutwater’s methods and ingredients make it easy to enjoy your go-to cocktails, or explore new go-to’s, as if they were mixed before your very eyes by an expert bartender. And instead, all it took was cracking a can. Keep it classic with a Gin & Tonic, or celebrate with friends over Long Island Iced Teas. Seriously upgrade your Taco Tuesdays with a Mango Margarita, or take a vacay without leaving your living room, courtesy of a Pina Colada.

Owl’s Brew

Owl’s Brew has done something super exciting, which is create their own beverage category. Their sparkling boozy teas will totally reinvent your usual repertoire, breathing fresh life into low-key evenings unwinding after work or spirited Saturdays catching up with friends. This brand has tapped into the truly limitless potential of tea and all of its many fruity, floral, herbal, and spicy flavors and aromas, creating drinks that explode with different notes and are actually clean--like, no artificial ingredients at all, not even ones masquerading as “natural ingredients.” This is tea and a little bit of booze, and the result is delicious, refreshing, light, and intriguing. And added bonus: Owl’s Brew is a women-owned company that is constantly, actively involved in giving back, providing community, and creating more opportunities for underrepresented individuals to succeed in business. Get to know this brand with Spiced Chai Cranberry, Darjeeling Tea with Hibiscus and Strawberry, White Tea with Raspberry and Watermelon, or Matcha with Pineapple and Chamomile.

Ross Brewing Co.

If you’ve been looking to explore more of what the American craft beer scene has to offer, and find a new favorite brewery in the process, look no further than New Jersey’s Ross Brewing. Why not take a beercation even when you’re just hanging at home watching Netflix on a Wednesday night? Ross has something for every kind of beer preference, and a whole exciting lineup if you’re feeling up for anything and everything. There’s the spiced, lemony Manasquan Wit; the tart, tropical fruity, hazy, juicy Navesink IPA; the chocolatey, vanilla-sweet, restrained-roasty Passaic Porter; and the crisp, clean, easy-drinking Shrewsbury Lager. Get ‘em all and share with friends, or you know, don’t--we definitely won’t judge you.


What’s On Tap in Los Angeles

TapRm is officially ready for its close-up in Hollywood--and beyond, of course--now that we’re adding on-demand delivery in the following zip codes to the fact that we ship statewide in Cali.

If you live in these sunny zips, congratulations: You can now get buzz-worthy beer, hard seltzer, hard kombucha, hard cider, and much more right to your door.


90064, 90025, 90067, 90034, 90084, 90073, 90233, 90231, 90212, 90232, 90095, 90066, 90035, 90405, 90230, 90294, 90291, 90411, 90401, 90403, 90402, 90049, 90077, 90292, 90272

LA Melrose: 

90036, 90069, 90046, 90029, 90027, 90012, 90017, 90079, 90019, 90039, 90026, 90038, 90028, 90211, 90210, 90006, 90005, 90071, 90004, 90020, 90048, 90068, 90213, 90016, 90018, 90007, 90089, 90189

Let’s look at some ideas for your next order and get excited, shall we?

Pulp Culture

California’s own Pulp Culture is a line of completely clean and natural juices--bright and bursting with flavor--that are allowed to wildly ferment for an alcoholic beverage that only has the good stuff. It’s developed by two experts in craft beverages, fitness and wellness, and plant-based living. The goal, and it’s a goal Pulp Culture achieves, is to create alcoholic beverages where all you get is the good time. You can unwind, enjoy time with friends, and savor a delicious drink or two, without guilt and without a hangover. Beyond the delightful flavors and lack of “extras” like additives and unnatural ingredients, Pulp Culture’s varieties actually boast different nutrient and elements geared to boost wellness. For example, RELAX has blueberry, which helps lower blood pressure, as well as flavonoids and vitamin K; lemon for an immunity boost, vitamin C, and potassium; lavender for calming; valerian root to improve sleep and offer antioxidants; and reishi for stress relief. These juices also have 99 calories, no sugar, and 4.9% alcohol.

Golden Road Brewing

Hometown hero Golden Road Brewing has Cali sunshine brewed right into its beer. It’s an institution, its pubs scattered across the Golden State a favorite among friends and beer lovers for a fun and leisurely afternoon. And the beer, itself, proves a smash hit style after style, with classic varieties brewed perfectly and then elevated with creative ingredients that yield irresistible flavors. The Mango Cart wheat ale is a staple for many, uniquely refreshing on a warm day and just the thing for outside hangs. It goes well with essentially every dish, makes a mean beer-mosa, and is accessible even to those who don’t always love beer--as well as the most dedicated beer enthusiasts. Meanwhile, the Wolf Pup Session IPA takes a thirst-quenching, easy-drinking approach to all the hazy, juicy, bitter-balanced, tropical hoppiness you love about an IPA. Golden Road is California craft plus California flavors.

Lagunitas Brewing Company

Lagunitas is an icon of craft beer, and helped make the entire state of California an icon in craft beer, too. Founded in Petaluma in the early ‘90s, Lagunitas helped spark the craft movement, wowing drinkers with the discovery that beer can be full of flavor, thoughtfully brewed with the best ingredients. Soon, Lagunitas became a household name, its beers staples on tap lists and sought after by even the most casual beer fans, and its reputation for such quality craft became synonymous with California. The Lagunitas IPA is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser--a comfort beer, if you will, perfect for any occasion. The Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale, a wheat ale-meets-IPA, is another star of the lineup. And for every tried and true classic, Lagunitas continues to evolve with new hits, too, like the Hazy Wonder NEIPA.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

We’re officially halfway to building a Mt. Rushmore of California craft beer titans. Sierra Nevada is one of the few breweries who can boast an even longer history than Lagunitas in America’s craft beer industry. Founded in 1980, this Chico-based brewery truly helped create the mold for what craft beer could, should, and would be. And ever since, it’s continued to break that mold, balancing its portfolio of stalwart flagship beers with an ever-growing repertoire of innovative updates and even burgeoning categories in and of themselves, like non-alcoholic hop seltzers (both Sierra Nevada and Lagunitas have these, is there something in the Cali air inspiring all this inventiveness?). Enjoy every sip of history with the beloved Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, and/or try something new with the Hazy Little Thing IPA.

JuneShine Hard Kombucha

True to Cali-craft thinking, JuneShine successfully fuses the relaxation and fun of an adult beverage with the values of a balanced, wellness-conscious lifestyle. The brand’s hard kombuchas have no weird ingredients and no sugar, and JuneShine also factors sustainability and environmental friendliness into its sourcing and production. This company’s well-appointed San Diego and Santa Monica taprooms make for weekend-perfect chill spots, but sometimes, you want to enjoy their complex yet crushable, naturally sweet and tart and bright and brilliant kombuchas at home. Start with the Blood Orange Mint and really rejuvenate your kick-back routine.

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