Welcome to the Neighborhood: Arlington, Cambridge, Cleveland, Colorado Springs, Miami, and New Orleans Edition

Just in time for summer sunshine, the future is indeed so bright we gotta’ wear shades over here--because TapRm is continuing to grow! In January, we celebrated bringing doorstep delivery of the country’s best craft beverages to Denver, Minneapolis, and Nashville. In March, it was Atlanta and Los Angeles. Now, we’re so psyched to add a whopping six cities to our roster: Arlington, Cambridge, Cleveland, Colorado Springs, Miami, and New Orleans!

There are some of the country’s most exciting cities, spanning the whole map. With the weather warming and beach trips, hikes, cookouts, friend gatherings, celebrations, al fresco dinners, and more happening, we’re pleased as punch that TapRm has arrived in these cities to make it oh so easy to order your favorite drinks and discover some new ones, too. On that note, here are some brands we think you’ll love getting to know in your city.


What’s on Tap in Arlington, Virginia

Beautiful Arlington, we know you’re striking a perfect balance between the hustle and bustle of nearby D.C. and the loveliness of your own city, with a little hot weather mixed in. Basically, you deserve something refreshing, and we’re here to help. Here’s some inspiration for your order.

Drunk Fruit

Home-state hero Drunk Fruit is a no-brainer. This brand is Virginia-born and raised, it’s unique and expertly made, and it’s simply delicious. Founded by a group of friends, Drunk Fruit puts Asian fruit flavors in the spotlight in the form of true craft hard seltzers. In Lychee, Melon, and Yuzu, these refreshing, bubbly delights bring must-have flavors into the mix and promise to brighten any imbibing repertoire. Plus, they’re sure to wow all your friends and elevate any meal or gathering.

The Virginia Beer Company

Let’s bring on more fantastic Virginia beverage brands, shall we? Located in Williamsburg, The Virginia Beer Company is a national leader in creativity, innovation, and craft. An emphasis on locally sourced ingredients and balancing traditional styles with envelope-pushing ideas leads to big, memorable flavors and super refreshing beers from VBC. With a fun taproom and dedicated commitment to the surrounding community, VBC is a brewery you’ll love to support, even when you can’t get to said taproom--and that’s when you order the stellar Fresh Powder Citra DIPA to your door.

Commonwealth Brewing Co.

Meanwhile, oceanside: Commonwealth Brewing Co. is brewing up must-have drinkable delights in Virginia Beach. You can taste the laid-back, carefree, communal, “let’s all hang together” fun of beach life in every beer from this brewery. And in case you wondering, all that fun does indeed taste out-of-this-world good. See what we mean with the Papi Chulo IPA, exploding with fruity, dank hoppiness.

Burley Oak Brewing Company

Not too far away in Berlin, Maryland, Burley Oak draws in a consistently adoring crowd of craft beer connoisseurs with sours, stouts, and IPAs that feature flavor combinations you never dreamed of but now can’t stop dreaming about. If you’re itching to discover Burley Oak or know them well and just have to get your hands on some of its beer without the trip, treat yourself to the Homegrown Session IPA or the Sorry Chicky Dry Hopped Sour Ale.


What’s on Tap in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Let’s be honest, Cambridge is maybe just a little known for its population of smarties. Whether you’re an Ivy League-er or not, we know that you know what makes a truly special craft beverage and we’re not showing up in your beautiful, historic town with anything less than the best. 

Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers + Springdale Beer Co.

Just a hop, skip, and jump away in Framingham, Jack’s Abby has won the adoration of beer geeks with its devotion to crisp, clean, thirst-quenching, traditional-with-a-twist, just perfect lagers. The brewery smashes any preconceptions that there aren’t a ton of different styles under the lager umbrella and that there aren’t a ton of different things you can do with each. Start at the beginning and keep coming back to their House Lager. And as if that wasn’t enough, they launched a separate project called Springdale Beer Co. for equally inspired ales. Expect a wide variety of special beers from the Lavenade, a sour with lavender and lemon, to the Not Stirred Series: Smoking Bishop, barrel-aged in Barbera wine barrels and spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, cardamom, and orange peel.

Cambridge Brewing Co.

Founded in 1989, Cambridge Brewing Co. is both an integral part of the city’s culture and community, and a reflection of its penchant for making history--CBC has been a leader in the growth of brewpubs centered around local beers and fare. This brewery has time and time again demonstrated its talent for producing traditional brews and experimental updates and hybrids, and it was the first commercial brewery in the U.S. to brew a Belgian beer. Drink to that with one of their Belgian-inspired beers, the Working Class Hero American Saison.

Lamplighter Brewing Co.

Since opening in 2016, Lamplighter has become a favorite hang of locals and even a destination for beercationers and weekend visitors. That’s thanks to its effortlessly cool vibe, totally welcoming, creative, and laid-back. It’s also of course thanks to the incredible beer. Lamplighter prioritizes being able to experiment and forever improve upon what we think is already pretty perfect, and they have a knack for big, bold, lovely and balanced flavors. See what we mean with the Birds of a Feather NEIPA, exploding with citrusy and tropical fruit hoppiness and a smooth finish.

Mayflower Brewing Company

We’re delivering more history in the delicious form of Mayflower Brewing Company. In Plymouth, this brewery was founded by a tenth great grandson of the actual Mayflower’s beer barrel cooper John Alden. A commitment to craft beer is literally in this brewery founder’s blood. Mayflower embraces tradition and dedication with fresh ideas--take the Boomerang Hoppy Pale Ale or the classic Mayflower IPA.

Night Shift Brewing

With community hub taprooms, a fun vibe, and smash hit beer after smash hit beer, Night Shift is one of the exciting breweries that helped Massachusetts on the craft beer destination map. Their takes on every style you could possibly want go on to become staples in every beer lover’s fridge, never failing to wow even on the hundredth sip. Try the Santilli American IPA and the Nite Lite Lager, a craft spin on light lagers great for any occasion.


What’s on Tap in Cleveland, Ohio

Considering Cleveland’s reputation as the birthplace of rock and roll, there’s no way we’re showing up to this party with a drinks selection anything less than stellar. From craft beer to non-alcoholic beer to hard seltzer, hard tea, and hard kombucha, there’s something for every kind of party or low-key hang.

Fat Head’s Brewery

If you live in Cleveland, you either know and love Fat Head’s and it’s a part of your regular brewery hang rotation, or you’ve been meaning to get there. Whether you just feel like hanging at home or want to ease your way into this brand, start with the Head Hunter IPA delivered right to you. It’s a perfect example of Fat Head’s flair for flavors and mastery of brewing a wide range of styles, and will demonstrate within the first sip why this is a Cleveland--and beyond--institution.

Wild Ohio Brewing

Expand your horizons with a brand from right in your backyard in Ohio. Wild Ohio is charting new territory in the beverage world with “wild tea,” a fermented tea with natural juices, a touch of carbonation, and a hint of booze, evolving from the founder’s concept of a sort of “tea beer.” In flavors like Black Cherry Bourbon Barrel, these wild teas are complex and boldly flavored yet easy-drinking and thirst-quenching--they’re fun to discover and then promise to become a go-to favorite.

Great Lakes Brewing Company

Great Lakes is another Cleveland classic. With a history going back to 1986, this brewery played an essential role in establishing the American craft beer scene, and helped put Cleveland on the map as a craft beer destination. Its commitment to creativity and quality makes beers like the Tidal Fury Imperial Hazy IPA, Eliot Ness Amber Lager, and Edmund Fitzgerald Porter must-haves for any fridge. 

Untitled Art

Not too far away, in Waunakee, Wisconsin, Untitled Art is is taking, well, an artful approach to non-alcoholic beer and proving just how complex, varied, and absolutely delicious beer can be even without the booze. You won’t be missing anything with the big, beautiful flavors of beers like the Florida Weisse, a Berliner Weisse with passion fruit puree. And if you are in the market for a little buzz, don’t sleep on what Untitled Art is doing with hard seltzer. Hint: it’s more of this big, beautiful flavors, like the Mango Strawberry Lemonade Imperial Seltzer.


What’s on Tap in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, no need to brag. We know, the rest of the country looks to Colorado when it comes to all things craft beer. You’re absolutely rich in influential breweries, from long-running, trail-blazing icons to new, hip, under-the-radar purveyors. We’re just psyched we get to bottle up all of that magic and bring it to your doorstep. Here are just a few sure-to-please Colorado options.

Left Hand Brewing Co.

Left Hand has been brewing up instant classics that every craft fan in America wants to get their--no pun intended--hands on for 26 years. Quality beer in styles to please every palate, community outreach and sustainability, and a welcoming taproom are all integral parts of Left Hand’s ethos. Sip on those good vibes with the Good Juju Pale Ale with a spicy ginger kick.

Avery Brewing Co.

Meanwhile, in Boulder, Avery is hot on Left Hand’s heels with a 25-year history and counting. Expertly brewed interpretations of traditional styles have made Avery a favorite for so many beer lovers, and help maintain Colorado’s spot on the craft beer throne. Any occasion is instantly elevated by the White Rascal Belgian-Style White Ale, Ellie’s Brown Brown Ale, El Gose Session Sour with Limes & Sea Salt, or Hop Freaks Juicy & Hazy IPA.

Oskar Blues Brewery

Take a little trip over to Longmont, Colorado, even if you’re not leaving your own living room. It’s there that Oskar Blues Brewery, born in Lyons, Colorado, is on its 20th year of brewing the kinds of beers that convert craft beer skeptics and win the undying commitment of craft beer connoisseurs. Oskar Blues can boast making portable, recyclable cans the popular way to go in beer, after the brewery canned the iconic Dale’s Pale Ale. Stock up on that and another staple, Mama’s Little Yella Pils.

New Belgium Brewing

No conversation about Colorado craft beer--let alone craft beer in general--is complete without New Belgium Brewing. Founded in 1991, this brewery got people excited about craft beer and kept them that way with a genius balance of versatile classics and innovative experiments. They continue to set an example not just in brewing but sustainability efforts and community outreach and advocacy. Toast their legacy with the Trippel Belgian-Style Ale, a demonstration of how Belgium’s long and dedicated brewing history has inspired this Colorado gem.

Crooked Stave

Founded in 2010, Crooked Stave predates and so sets the tone for thousands of American breweries, and yet compared to some other members of Colorado’s brewery scene, this hitmaker is like a cool new kid on the block. That combo of traditional and cutting edge is alive and well in Crooked Stave’s beers. Experience the beer brilliance of this Denver and Fort Collins-based operation with Juicy, an east coast-style IPA.

4 Noses Brewing Company

Since opening in 2014 in Broomfield, Colorado, 4 Noses has garnered a devoted following with its fusion of the warmth of a family-run business and the excitement of a cool, creative brewery that walks a perfect line between traditional and approachable yet fresh and unexpected. Take the Raspberry Blonde, a crisp blonde ale aged on a whopping 70 pounds of fresh raspberries for an easy-drinking stunner.


What’s on Tap in Miami, Florida

A fun-in-the-sun destination loved the world over, top-notch drinks are just an absolute must in Miami. From late-night parties to casual chill sessions with friends, Miami locals know how to live the good life, and that’s best done with a good beverage in hand--so here are just a few suggestions.

Cigar City Brewing

Brewing up instant favorites since 2009, Cigar City Brewing is essentially synonymous with Florida craft beer. This brewery takes classic styles and applies its signature attention to detail and balance of tradition and ingenuity, and the resulting beers somehow stand out at the same time as immediately becoming go-to’s you love forever and can’t imagine friend hangs without. The Maduro Brown Ale is one of their flagships, great to get to know the brewery through or stock up on if you’re already in love.

M.I.A. Beer Co.

Doral’s M.I.A. Beer Co. embraces that vibrant Miami passion with its craft beer, interpreting classic styles with tons of flavor and eye-catching can art. A taste of one of their beers instantly transports you to a dreamy beach day or the kind of party where the DJ just gets you. Channel their fun taproom in your own home with the Mega Mix Pale Ale or Tourist Trappe Belgian-Style Tripel.

Schilling Cider

The Northwest is indeed another craft beverage haven with so many thoughtfully made must-try’s from so many talented producers. But, hey, we get it if you’re not totally psyched on leaving your sunshine for cooler weather or rain. The good news is we can bring a little Northwest magic right to you. Schilling Cider constantly gets rave reviews for its intentional ingredient sourcing and exceptional executions of different cider styles. One that feels especially ready for a good Miami get-together is the super refreshing, citrusy, radler-style Grapefruit and Chill.


What’s on Tap in New Orleans, Louisiana

The Big Easy knows how to imbibe with the best beverages around, so we take our approach to fun very seriously here: Expect to shop the most delicious, high-quality drinks from the most dedicated brands. Here are just a few highlights from the selection available, all beverages ready to meet you at your door.

NOLA Brewing Co.

One of NOLA Brewing Co.’s taglines is “Beer from Here.” That’s something so special about being able to get NOLA Brewing Co. right to your doorstep, for all the times that you can’t make it to their lively taproom. You get to celebrate all that’s great and unique about true New Orleans beer and the people behind it. Say a “cheers!” to NOLA Brewing Co.’s deep community connection with the irresistibly refreshing Blonde Ale, a lovely thirst quencher for hot summer days.

Abita Brewing Company

Abita is practically synonymous with Louisiana. The Covington-based brewery is one of the OG trailblazers in craft beer, turning so many people on to everything that’s special about local, quality brews with instant classics like Purple Haze. No NOLA beer fridge is complete without a little Abita presence--try something new from the old favorite like the subtly sweet, toasty, easy-drinking AndyGator Bock.

Urban South Brewery: New Orleans

Craft beer fans have quickly gotten to know and love Urban South Brewery for its vibrant, welcoming vibe and tasty beers that dance a perfect line between traditional and innovative. Urban South takes classic styles and turns the volume up with creative ingredients that make the beer sing. Their colorful NOLA taproom is a blast to visit, and you can get that thrill right in your own living room with the crisp and crushable Paradise Park lager.

Parish Brewing Co.

Located in Broussard, Parish Brewing Co. helped pave the way for Louisiana’s unique and stellar foray into craft beer. Parish elevates beloved beer styles with their own creativity and a love of Louisiana flavors, aromas, and ingredients. Canebrake, a “Louisiana Wheat Ale,” is one of Parish’s most popular styles, and its first. According to the brewery’s website, it’s “named for the abounding sugarcane fields in the area.” Keep this classic stocked in your fridge or find out for the first time why it’s such a hit!

Great Raft Brewing 

Shreveport’s Great Raft Brewing puts a whole lot of heart, soul, and fantastic, thoughtfully sourced ingredients into its fresh takes on traditional styles. Its beer is brewed with the intention of bringing big flavors to life, and creating something that pairs seamlessly with the bold character of Southern cooking. There’s no better place to start exploring Great Raft than the Reasonably Corrupt Black Lager, a subtly roasty and complex take on the easy-drinking lager.

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