The Party Has Arrived with the TapRm Memorial Day Weekend Variety Pack

Psst. Remember that whole glorious post-vax summer we talked about last week? Well, Memorial Day Weekend is considered the official kick-off to summer, so this year, it stands to reason that Memorial Day Weekend is the kick-off to 2021’s post-vax summer, and you know what that means: this Memorial Day Weekend is maybe the most exciting one ever. 

Whether MDW actually means a three-day weekend for you or not, the fact of the matter is that however and whenever and wherever you celebrate, it’s the first big summer holiday since many of us have gotten vaccinated. And because of MDW’s party-outdoors nature, even if you haven’t gotten your jabs yet, with a little precaution (which we all should be sticking to, anyway, so nbd!), you can venture outside, see friends, soak up some rays, and shake off all that gloom and sofa smell from 2020. Honestly, MDW kind of feels more like New Year’s in 2021, because of all the new possibilities it represents as we head into our post-vax summer, visions of barbecues and park hangs and beach trips and hiking excursions and road trips--all of which can actually happen this year--dancing in our heads. 

Being able to truly celebrate this MDW, and truly let it mark the start of some summer fun that we all deserve, is something we’re going to want to savor every moment of. Breathe in some fresh air, crack open your favorite beer or seltzer, and really live in the now with whoever’s around you--even if that feels cheesy to read (it felt cheesy to write), trust us! This MDW is major, so let’s raise our glasses or cans. TapRm’s curated a variety pack full of gems worthy of this momentous occasion. You’ll get two of each of these picks. Embrace old favorites, find new ones, share with buddies. Oh, and have fun.


Sixpoint Brewery Party Poppers Hard Seltzer

Light, bright, bubbly, bursting with fruit flavor, and just 5% ABV with only 100 calories, there’s a reason Sixpoint’s Party Poppers Hard Seltzer is called “the official party seltzer.” This is Memorial Day Weekend hang--or any hang, really--101. Because no matter who you’re with, this will be a crowd-pleaser. A well-crafted, delicious adult beverage with no heaviness is going to win over beer fans, cider fans, cocktail fans, wine fans, you name it--plus, of course, seltzer fans. Not to mention these are made by one of New York’s coolest, most in-demand breweries.

The Party Poppers are packed with must-have flavors like Triple Berry, Lime Cucumber, Lemon Bar, and Passion Fruit Orange Guava. Wherever these seltzers go, the party is right there with that snap of the can opening, and that is just the vibe we want to channel this momentous MDW weekend.


Sunday Beer Company Light & Tight Anytime Lager

Sunday Beer Company brewed the Light & Tight Anytime Lager to be just that: a lager for anytime. It’s completely crushable at only 3.8%, but it provides all the flavor and quality that all too often, low-ABV beers from Big Beer are lacking. This crisp and sessionable delight has just a touch of grain and hoppiness to its flavor and aroma profile, with the emphasis on clean simplicity. 

The beauty of the Light & Tight Anytime Lager for MDW is that its easy-going nature makes it ideal for a day-long hang with your best buds. It’s versatile, meaning everyone will love it, and its lightness means you can keep enjoying your hang without overdoing it.


Founders Brewing All Day Vacay Session Wheat Ale

It’s all right in the name of this session wheat ale from Founders: All Day Vacay. This beer is a vacay in a can, a perfect sipper for lingering in the sunshine with friends and family, and for really living in that moment and savoring what’s so great about getting to see people and kick off a more cheerful summer. It’s truly and actually a match for “all day” enjoyment, and it’s up to the occasion of celebrating summer vacation’s start (even if we’re still working--hey, now there are beach days in our immediate future, right?). 

The All Day Vacay is just 4.6% ABV, with that crisp, oh-so-slightly sweet character of wheat, brightened by just a little kick of citrus.


Champion Brewing Company Shower Beer Pilsner

Champion describes its Shower Beer Pilsner as “perfect for any relaxing occasion,” and we think that about sums up what makes for a dream MDW beer. As we look forward to a slightly less volatile summer, let’s make a point to log off the dumpster fire that is Twitter for a bit and just relish in the good company of people we like, all while cheers-ing with an easy-drinking gem like this brew. Honestly, what could be more relaxing than that? 

A good shower beer is all about being crisp, clean, light, and therefore a breeze to savor while having a little moment of chill. That could totally be in the shower, sure, and if you haven’t tried that, well, trust us. But it could also be in the backyard, your BFF’s patio, a hiking trip, the beach--you get the idea. When it comes to MDW plans, the Shower Beer is just essential.


Montauk Brewing Company Watermelon Session Ale

What says summer better than watermelon? With temperatures already tiptoeing toward 90 degrees, watermelon is truly nature’s treat to us all, a sweet route to instant refreshment best enjoyed in the backyard or also in front of your open refrigerator in your un-air-conditioned six-floor-walk-up. Watermelon is pretty much the snack of summer, and Montauk has canned it in the form of their Watermelon Session Ale, creating an absolute must-have for summer’s kick-off, Memorial Day. 

This 4.9% brew explodes with watermelon flavor, balanced by a clean crispness. There is truly no MDW-perfect dish, from barbecue to tacos, that it wouldn’t make even better.


Great South Bay Brewery Blonde Ambition Blonde Ale

Blonde ales are brewed with the utmost refreshment in mind. They’re the tiniest bit sweet from their grain, which is beautifully cut by cleanness, crispness, and carbonation. Great South Bay’s Blonde Ambition is a classic example of the style, updated ever so slightly with a welcome hint of fruitiness. Anyone else getting thirsty?

This is the kind of beer that your beer-geek friends will love, and your friends who think they hate beer will be surprised to learn that, hey, they also love. Just be sure to keep one for yourself, so you can welcome summer with a light and delicious start.

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