The Crunchtime TapRm Gift Guide

The time has come--crunchtime, that is. To receive gifts in time for cheery and stress-free placing under trees and handing over to loved ones, it’s a good idea to get on placing those orders now. The good news is, everyone likes, loves, wants, and needs tasty beverages. TapRm’s got craft beers both alcoholic and not, plus hard seltzers, hard ciders, hard teas, hard kombuchas, canned cocktails, spritzes, even canned coffee. You truly cannot go wrong. This is such a safer bet than winging it at the mall and hoping you know their sweater size. Giving the gift of craft beverage promises to delight: your recipient can get stocked up on their favorites, or find new favorites, and enjoy the discovery journey trying new things. Why spend more time and money than you need to, wondering if that fancy candle will actually make them gag? No one will be disappointed to see a special bottle, six-pack, or variety 12-pack waiting for them with a festive bow.

Considering that, again, you indeed cannot go wrong here, you might ask, why do you need a gift guide? Well, friends, you see, we’re so lucky and so thrilled that we work with so many incredible beverage brands. Truly, it’s kind of staggering! We’ve got pages and pages of the aforementioned drinks categories. It’s a snap when you know what you’re craving, but what to do--and how to navigate it all--when you’re shopping for others? That’s where we come in with a little bit of advice to quickly and conveniently whisk you through our mighty inventory. Welcome to Santa’s workshop, but you know, for fun adult beverages--sit back, enjoy the ride, and get ready to feel enormously happy and relieved your gift shopping is not only done but guaranteed to wow. Why not “cheers” your success with a little something for yourself, too, by the way? Let’s get into some key ideas for some key people on your list.


The Holiday Enthusiast: The TapRm Advent Box

We all have that friend or family member who’s just a little extra-excited about the holiday season. They start decorating on November 1 (and that’s only because you tell them every year they must wait until Halloween is over), they’ve got an entire wardrobe of ugly Christmas sweaters, they listen to Christmas music in June, they gift-shop all year, and they make the best cookies--in bulk. This person lights up the holidays for you and everyone in your mutual circle, so they deserve a beverage experience that really sees them, that matches them on their festive-ness. The TapRm Advent Box turns a love of craft beer into a whole holiday EVENT--cue the Christmas lights, cue the Mariah Carey. Each day, your lucky recipient gets to open another day on the countdown, thrilled by the suspense of it all, and then enjoy a beer that’s hoppy, light, dark, roasty, fruity, spiced, or any combo of the above!


The Cozy-Upper: The Dark, Strong, and Wintry Variety 12-Pack

A cousin of the Holiday Enthusiast--perhaps literally, in your family!--the Cozy-Upper is a fan of winter and all of its bundled up glory. This person is a pro at hygge, or the Danish art of taking a break from the daily grind to relish in relaxing, quiet pleasures, and quality time with loved ones. For them, self-care comes in the form of fireplaces, good books, cups of tea or cocoa, sweaters and blankets, a gentle snowfall…you get the idea. You can celebrate that with TapRm’s Dark, Strong, and Wintry Variety 12-Pack. It’s got two each of six different stouts and porters from breweries like Mayflower Brewing Company, Artisanal Brew Works, EBBS, and Alewife Brewing Company, boasting flavors including peanut butter, churros, coffee, chocolate, and winter baking spices. Every beer embraces those cozy winter flavors with just a touch of indulgence, absolutely perfect for curling up by the fire with.


The Insider: The TapRm Exclusive Variety 18-Pack

Do you often find yourself at restaurants with this person on your list where it’s virtually impossible to get in without being Beyonce? The Insider is that friend or family member who is somehow magically two steps ahead of the curve, with a firm finger on the pulse of everything that’s cool before the general population even realizes. They get hot reservations, hot designer collabs, hot party invites--and so you’ve got to keep things hot when it comes to their craft beer needs. The TapRm Exclusive Variety 18-Pack groups together some of the most exciting offerings from brands that partner with TapRm exclusively to sell their beverages. It’s the hottest ticket in craft beer, which your Insider will appreciate. 


The IPA Lover: The TapRm Hoppy Variety 12-Pack

Is your friend often on line for hours to score the newest limited releases from the most sought-after breweries? Are they forever in search of hoppier and hoppier IPAs? Can they name 47 different hops with their characteristic aromas? Do they make compelling cases for hazy IPAs, West Coast IPAs, sour IPAs, Belgian IPAs, Cold IPAs, black IPAs, red IPAs, and so on and so forth forever and ever? When your buddy is this dedicated to craft beer and that enthusiastic about hops, the TapRm Hoppy Variety 12-Pack is an absolute must. It will wow them with the latest and greatest in hoppy beers, and fulfill every citrusy, tropical, resiny, piney craving.


The Die-Hard New Yorker: The TapRm New York Variety 12-Pack

This is the person who romanticizes closet-sized apartments as “cozy,” packed streets and subways as a “unique bonding experience,” and rats as “friendly wildlife.” They love the city-that-never-sleeps lifestyle, and they value being able to catch secret shows in basements and eat a meal from any region in the world at 2am. They also love the splendor of upstate New York and its seemingly endless reserve of charming little towns and stunning scenery. For all its challenges (from sky-high rent in the city to sky-high snowfall upstate), this friend or family member knows New York is still number one when it comes to incredible, talented makers and brands. So, they’ll be thrilled to get their hands on the TapRm New York Variety 12-Pack, showcasing the best of the best in NY breweries, which are already, ya know, the best. They’ll get two each of six beers from stellar brands like Dyke Beer, Kills Boro, Oyster Bay, and Montauk.


The Flavor Adventurer: The TapRm Seltzer, Cider, and Tea Variety 18-Pack

Maybe this recipient loves beer, maybe they prefer their adult beverages from other categories, maybe they’re gluten-free--in any case, they love big, bold, beautiful flavors; they love trying new things; they love trendy trends and classic classics. On TapRm, we go hard on amazing craft beer but we value just as much spotlighting other categories like hard kombucha, hard seltzer, hard cider, hard tea, canned cocktails, hard coffee, spritzes, and more. We think it’s so exciting how many visionary brands are pushing boundaries, inventing new things, and bringing new flavors into the fold, and we also love how many drinkers with different palates this brings into the fold. So, help your pal celebrate all that and find new favorites with the TapRm Seltzer, Cider, and Tea Variety 18-Pack, featuring Asian fruit hard seltzers from Lunar, sparkling hard cold brews from Sail Away, piquette spritzes from DITTO, margaritas from partay, ciders from Right Bee, and more!


The Mindful Imbiber: The TapRm x Hugging the Bar Gather 'Round Variety 12-Pack

Today’s craft consumer imbibes with intention, loving how a good cause brings even more appeal to a good-tasting drink. They’re also invested in supporting brands run and repped by diverse people, who may be often underrepresented in craft beer and beverage alcohol. If this sounds like a friend of yours, if they love chatting about the stories and people behind breweries, if they often make purchasing decisions based on this info, they’ll appreciate the TapRm x Hugging the Bar Inclusivity Variety 12-Pack. Hugging the Bar is a free weekly newsletter covering craft beer culture, often discussing topics in the realm of diversity, equity, and inclusion as well as featuring underrepresented people and donating to DEI-promoting causes. To celebrate that mission alongside TapRm’s own mission of the same kind, not to mention how many diversely owned brands TapRm is honored to partner with, this variety pack spotlights drinks from women-, BIPOC-, AAPI-, and/or LGBTQIA+-owned brands. Think hard seltzers from Lunar and Nectar, craft beer from Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery, Crowns & Hops Brewing Company, Dyke Beer, TALEA Beer Co., Gay Beer, Alementary, and Japas Cervejaria, boozy tea from Owl’s Brew, cider from Right Bee, and makgeolli from MAKKU. Plus! When you get your pack and subscribe to Hugging the Bar, you’ll get a code for 25% off merch and free swag!


The Flavor Adventurer You REALLY Like: The TapRm Seltzer, Cider, and Tea Variety 18-Pack SUBSCRIPTION

This one’s pretty simple. Take all of the above, and make it a pack of joy that gets delivered to your lucky recipient every four weeks. The TapRm Seltzer, Cider, and Tea Variety 18-Pack Subscription is for when you want to go that extra mile and make your gift extra, extra special.


The Fickle Flavor Fan: The TapRm Gift Card

Not sure what your recipient prefers? A gift card is a foolproof choice for folks you’re maybe not as close with, from dog walkers to baristas, as well as folks you are close with but maybe they change their minds every week on their favorites and/or love trying brand new things. Don’t be fooled by the outdated thinking that gift cards are impersonal. A gift card to TapRm says “I know you’ve got good taste, I know you love craft beverages, I’m helping you stock your fridge.” Who wouldn’t absolutely love that and appreciate you for it?


The Music Lover: The Run the Jewels Collab 4-Pack

If the beer and beverage fan on your list is also a big music fan, we just so happen to have just the thing. Tons of artists have been getting into the beverage game and interpreting their unique vibes into different delicious, drinkable forms. But--not to brag--we think Run the Jewels might in fact be one of the best when it comes to music-meets-beverage mash-ups. These are big flavors and thirst-quenching delights, people, and they pack a punch when it comes to Run the Jewels’ personality. The Run the Jewels Collab 4-Pack groups together killer IPAs made with Interboro and cold brew made with Dark Matter coffee. It’s the ultimate score for a beverage and music connoisseur.


The Trendsetter: The Owl’s Brew Boozy Tea Fireside Pack

Do you get advice from your friend or family member on anything and everything from style to music to movies to food? We all know that person who not only knows what’s fire first but who is so creative and eclectic, they can even make trends happen, themselves. They’ve got a knack for knowing what fitness class is the most fun now, and that vase they made in their pottery class blew up so big on Instagram they’ve now got a successful Etsy business going. They will really get into boozy tea from Owl’s Brew, a women-owned business that does great work with good causes and also happens to mix and can a mean cocktail using the natural wonders of tea. The Owl’s Brew Boozy Tea Fireside Pack takes the hot trend of sparkling hard tea into wintertime with cozying flavors, and even includes some trends-within-the-trend, like an Espresso MarTEAni and Spiced Chai & Cranberry. 


The Snowbird: The Osena Variety Pack

It’s not exactly a hot take to dream about warm, tropical locales in the winter--nothing sounds better than sipping a cocktail poolside or on the beach when you’re shoveling your driveway for the 17th time in a month or putting on every sweater you have just to run to the store. But this person on your list is such a summer devotee, they do anything they can to spend as much of winter as possible somewhere sunny. You can help bring them a bit of that sunshine even in December with the Osena Variety Pack. Cracking open a can of this hard coconut water will not just refresh them, it will whisk them away on a mental vacay. When you can’t spring for round-trip tickets to Figi, this is the next best thing.


The “Shut Up and Play the Hits” Beer Drinker: The Jack’s Abby Variety Pack

Jack’s Abby is one of the best-loved breweries in craft beer. They’re dedicated to lagers, and take centuries-old brewing traditions to the next level with innovative ideas, fresh style spins, and balanced flavors. They prove just how versatile lagers can be--just take a listen to our podcast interview with them--but simultaneously really celebrate the classics in beer. And there is undoubtedly someone on your list who would jump for joy to receive the Jack’s Abby Variety Pack. Does your dad love the icons when it comes to beer styles? Does your roomie love the fact that lagers are hot? Does your cousin love to crush crispies while hiking? This pack is a versatile guaranteed crowd-pleaser. 


The Beyond-Beer Explorer: Flyers Cocktail Co. Sydney Spritz

Let’s not forget the friend or family member on your list who for truly any reason under the sun isn’t looking to consume alcohol. We’ve got plenty of options for folks who don’t want to sacrifice great flavors to go booze-free--because they should never have to! You can totally be alcohol-free and explore and embrace some of the most exciting trends in beverages, more now than ever before. And one of the most exciting beverages? Non-alcoholic cannabis cocktails from Flyers. Conveniently canned so your recipient can instantly crack into something that tastes like it just took an hour to make at a fancy bar, these cocktails will wow. The Sydney Spritz is a take on a highball with botanical bitters and mandarin. It’s perfect to give someone to enjoy during festivities this holiday season and beyond.

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