TapRm’s Jump-Start for Your Holiday Shopping

It seems like only yesterday we were savoring the last sips of fruity seltzers in the summer sun and getting ready for festbiers and pumpkin brews, and yet, somehow here we are, Thanksgiving already in the books and the holiday season officially in gear. Life comes atcha’ fast--and now, we’ve got some shopping to catch up on. 

If you’ve been hanging out here for a while, you know our belief that nothing says “I love you” like beer--or hard kombucha or cider, etc. But that only feels more true than ever this year. Many of us are realizing how precious the holidays are, however we choose to celebrate, and of course, how precious our families or chosen families are. Gone are the days when we would go into gift-shopping autopilot, just buying some such scarf to wrap and hand over. Now, we are present and engaged in our shopping, wanting to delight our recipient, and knowing that recognizing something they love, introducing them to a new favorite, and sharing something that can actually be a part of the festivities, itself, is always the way to go.

When it comes to gifts that will make your loved ones feel seen, that will excite and delight, and that will actually pour right into a joyful holiday, TapRm has you covered. But you knew that, didn’t you? So, let’s break down some effortless, fool-proof ideas. Because we also want to give you the gift of a stress-free holiday season--just click, buy, and kick back. Oh, and don’t forget to treat yourself to a little something, too, okay?


Hoppy Holidays! Variety Pack

With a wide and eclectic range of some of the best and most seasonally perfect beers that a handful of the country’s most exciting breweries have to offer, the Hoppy Holidays! Variety Pack guarantees wow factor for any recipient. They’ll be thrilled to find classic favorites like Jackalope’s chocolatey, coffee-esque, slightly roasty Snowman Stout; instant new favorites like Finback’s Apple Pie Sour, spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg; and totally fresh delights like Owl’s Brew Spiced Chai & Cranberry Boozy Tea with apple, cranberry, cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom. All in all, there are two of each of nine drinks ranging from IPAs to ciders, so there is truly something for everyone. This pack is a dream for the holiday table and festive gatherings, or just for your lucky recipient to enjoy working their way through over time. It even comes with two holiday gift bags.


Beer Geek Trio

If your friend or family member is a bona fide beer aficionado, the Beer Geek Trio is the gift for them. It’s sure to surprise and delight them, getting them excited to indulge in very special, rare brews. These are the kinds of beers that they’ll be excited to add to their cellars, brag about on Instagram, and/or behold at bottle shares. Oh, yeah, they’re delicious, too--that’s probably the best part. While these beers are great for special occasions, they also are special occasions, themselves. There’s Plan Bee’s Fuggle, a farmhouse ale made with local ingredients; Goose Island’s Halia, a saison aged in wine barrels with whole peaches; and Ross Brewing’s Brux Royale Belgian Chocolate Stout, smooth, lush, silky, sweet, and roasty.


New Belgium Fat Tire & Matching Gear

New Belgium Brewing Company’s iconic Fat Tire Amber Ale, one of the beers that helped create and define American craft beer, is the kind of brew that every drinker loves and appreciates no matter their tastes. It’s an old classic people look forward to coming back to, like a forever delicious pour of nostalgia, and it also serves as an exciting gateway for imbibers still exploring the world of beer. Anyone on your list would be pleased to unwrap a 12-pack of Fat Tire, and you can take things up a notch with some of New Belgium’s must-have merch. There’s the Fat Tire Kit, with a hat, T-shirt, and Yeti can cooler, or, especially perfect for the football fan, beach-goer, or camper in your life, there’s the limited edition Igloo x Fat Tire cooler on wheels.


TapRm 2021 Advent Box

The thrill of surprise is so real and so fun with the TapRm 2021 Advent Box that this is definitely the kind of thing you buy for everyone on your list and yourself. The countdown to the holidays has seriously never been as irresistible or as tasty as this pack of 12 brews, promising something crisp or hoppy or fruity or roasty or spiced or chocolatey or tart for each new day on the calendar. Just think of your friend or family member on the edge of their seats, ready to toast this special season with a different day and a different beer. Does December get any better? We surely can’t think of how!


Owl’s Brew ParTea Pack #1 & Coordinating Tea Merch

If the person on your list is less of a beer drinker, treat them to the beautiful and refreshing sparkling hard teas from Owl’s Brew. Owl’s Brew harnesses the magical aromas and flavors of natural tea to create uniquely tasty, complex, and easy-drinking tipples. The ParTea Pack #1 combines three varieties: Darjeeling Tea with Hibiscus and Strawberry, White Tea with Raspberry and Watermelon, and English Breakfast Tea with Lemon and Lime. Your loved one can experience a trio of flavors and find their favorite--if they can even pick. To go with these special teas, add another one of Owl’s Brew’s treasures, the Citrus Sweet Tea cocktail mixer that’s ready to apply the deliciousness of tea to an effortless happy hour-ready “cheers!” Or, you could complement hard tea with not-so-hard tea by adding this tea advent calendar from David’s Tea, or pamper the tea and beauty fan in your life with this Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfect Mask.


TALEA Brews & Apparel

Brooklyn’s TALEA Beer Co. has been making serious waves with its truly creative approach to flavor, reinventing essential beer styles with innovative ingredients. These are the kinds of brews that are special enough to wow anyone on your list, from a Spicy Hot Chocolate Stout with chile pepper, cinnamon, coffee, vanilla bean, and lactose, to a bright, tart, and sweet Cranberry Orange Splash Sour. Any lucky gift recipient’s holidays will immediately get that much more celebratory with a crack of any of these cans. And TALEA happens to hit their merch game out of the park, too, making it so easy to put together a covetable gift. There’s the cool collegiate sweatshirt, the cozy pom-pom beanie, and even a sweet onesie for a beer fan’s bundle of joy. And, if your friend or family member lives or is visiting Brooklyn, TALEA has great experience gifts, like tastings, beer and cheese pairings, and even a yoga class and beermosa package.


A TapRm Gift Card

We know what you’re thinking: a gift card? Don’t gift cards usually get a bad rap for being impersonal, or last-minute? Other gift cards, maybe. But a TapRm gift card isn’t just a pass for a shirt your recipient doesn’t need. It’s a gift that says, “I want you to spoil yourself.” It means your friend or family member gets to pick out exactly their favorite drink(s), and that they get to make anything from a special occasion to a random Tuesday evening a little more fun. They’re going to be beer-shopping anyway, and now you can be the one buying them a drink. We can’t think of a better “cheers” to your recipient than that.

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