Psst! We’ve Got the Secret to Instant Party-Planning, Cooler-Stocking, & Finding New Favorite Drinks

Variety is the spice of life, and variety packs are the accessible, affordable, effortless, thrilling, well-curated, gotta-have-it spice of life. There are almost more good reasons to love variety packs than there are beverages inside of one. With one click, with one neat and tidy delivery, you’ve got this whole pack of exciting options. You might find beers you already adore, hard seltzers you’ve been hearing about and itching to try, hard ciders you’ve never seen before but boom, instant new go-to. They are the definition of easy party- or get-together-planning, since they show up ready to delight all your friends, whether they prefer lagers or IPAs or hard kombuchas. Don’t want to commit to one drink all day at the beach? Variety packs! Feeling like you need to freshen up your imbibing repertoire? Variety packs! Love the element of surprise? Variety packs! Need a good gift? Variety packs! Want us to stop doing this and actually get to the good stuff, aka, the variety packs? Okay!

Not to toot our own horn but…toot toot, because we take variety packs seriously at TapRm. That’s probably pretty apparent by all that enthusiasm you just read. When you’re a site built on partnering with the best craft beverage brands in the country, curating the highest quality and most exciting drinks, and getting those drinks to fans all over, you’re bound to get a kick out of taking that curating one step further. There’s no better way to appreciate the eclectic inventory we have and the brands we get to work with than taking the time to assemble the perfect mix for this occasion, the perfect mix for that event, the perfect mix for some such category. So, accordingly, we’ve got a few new variety packs made with summer hangs and even heading into fall in mind, and if you haven’t gotten into that variety pack life yet, now’s the time.


TapRm Exclusive Variety 18 Pack

This variety pack is near and dear to our hearts, as it celebrates the partnerships with incredible craft beverage brands at the center of TapRm. We have the honor of selling so many fantastic drinks from so many fantastic brands; our “exclusives” mean we get to be the exclusive retailer of some of those fantastic products. Exclusives are very worth keeping an eye out for, since you won’t find them anywhere else--this is goodness you’ve just got to snatch up on TapRm! And this variety pack gathers together a whole bunch of exciting exclusives. It comes with two each of nine different beverages, and it’s also available as a subscription so you can keep the exclusives showing up at your door on the regular. Right now, we’re pretty psyched to announce that this variety pack includes gems like:

Bone Haus Brewing: From Fountain Hills, Arizona, Bone Haus gets inspiration for its beer from “Arizona legends and lore.” That translates into big, bold flavors that are truly special and unique, from maple chocolate to figgy pudding. In this pack, you’ll get the Sonoran Summer, a helles-style lager that’s a little sweet, crisp, and easy-drinking, and the Lichii Blood Orange Desert Distortion New England IPA, brewed with blood orange for a citrusy, bitter-sweet, juicy, fruity hop explosion.

Schnitt Brewing Company: Take a journey with Schnitt Brewing Company and get to know craft beer from a whole part of the world--this brewery hails from Tel Aviv, Israel. Schnitt’s beers are also about embracing the brewery’s local roots, stories, and culture, and this is done with beautiful ingredients that elevate classic styles. Here in this pack you’ll find the Jaffa IPA, brewed with the aromatic and delicious oranges that made the city of Jaffa famous, and the Malabiscus Sour, brewed with hibiscus and rose water.

Branch and Blade Brewing: Let’s keep out globe-trotting, shall we? Here, we go back to the States to visit Branch and Blade in Keene, New Hampshire. Branch and Blade emphasizes creativity alongside a boundless dedication to quality, and beer lovers have taken note. These beers are odes to brewing traditions, updated with special details. In this variety pack, try Foeder Culture, a clean pilsner with a touch of complexity from the foeder’s oakiness, and the Pseudo Sinner, a hoppy and delightfully drinkable IPA made in collaboration with Toppling Goliath (of Pseudo Sue IPA fame!).

Also in this fresh variety pack, you’ll find crisp pilsners, fruity and funky wheat beers, and tart blueberry beers from Litherman’s Limited, Ross Brewing Co., and Fegley’s Brew Works


Hoppy Variety 12 Pack

Calling all hop lovers! This variety pack was made to satisfy and thrill hop heads, delivering big, bold, beautiful, balanced hop aromas and flavors to craft beer connoisseurs and providing hop discovery, learning, and exploration to any IPA fan. The beers selected are exceptional examples of what hops can do in a beer, and how different hops can contribute different notes, and the lineup also demonstrates just how wide a range of hoppy beers there can be. This mix-pack dances from crushable session-style IPAs to complex, savor-worthy double IPAs. You’ll get two of each of six different beers, like:

The 9 Mile IPA from Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery: This 7.5% New England IPA is irresistibly fruity and juicy, yet for all its hoppiness and flavor, it’s still oh so easy-drinking and thirst-quenching. It tastes even better because of its mission, too--with this beer, Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery raises money to provide clean drinking water to the remote Jamaican village known as 9 Mile.

The Free Verse IPA from The Virginia Beer Company: This 6.8% bop is brewed with Azacca and Chinook hops. It’s super juicy and really bursting with fruity aromas and flavors, and these particular hops give the beer a tropical character. Free Verse is a shining example of VBC’s knack for refreshing yet incredibly flavor-rich beers.

The Ghost Island Double IPA from Thimble Island Brewing Company: Crack into this can to treat your senses to a tidal wave of fruity aroma and flavor, grapefruit and citrus notes in perfect harmony with restrained hop bitterness. Brewed with Citra hops, the Ghost Island DIPA is a deceptive 8%--it’s one to really sip and take in every flavor, but it’s also impressively refreshing and easy-drinking.

Also in this hop-saluting variety pack is the aforementioned Pseudo Sinner from Branch and Blade, the classic and beloved Wrench IPA from Industrial Arts Brewing Company, and the iconic Resin DIPA from Sixpoint Brewery.


Seltzer, Cider, and Tea Variety 18 Pack

Not a beer fan? Or, the friend who you need a gift for isn’t a beer fan? Gluten-free? Want a whole bunch of light and refreshing and flavorful drinks for a day of leisurely sipping, some of which might include entirely new beverage categories to explore? Any or all of the above? Meet our Seltzer, Cider, and Tea Variety 18 Pack. Also known as our “Showcase of the Incredible Creativity, Innovation, and Commitment to Quality of the Brands We Work With.” Piquette spritzes, boozy teas, hard seltzers spotlighting Asian ingredients--you simply love to see it. There are so many different flavors in this pack, there truly is something for everyone. You get two of each of nine different drinks, so let’s take a look at a few:

The Piquette Spritz from DITTO: The piquette spritz is so special, so unique, and so exciting that we did a whole darn podcast about it. This wine-based spritz is made from the grape must that winemakers have left from the winemaking process, so it’s truly based on sustainability. DITTO adds red raspberry, lemon juice, natural botanicals, and a hint of vanilla for this gorgeous effervescent drink absolutely shimmering with real flavors, a bouquet of tart, bright, and sweet. It’s just 5% ABV, gluten-free, and low-calorie. Oh, and it looks dreamy in a glass with its sparkle and deep raspberry hue.

Boozy Tea from Owl’s Brew: Oh, hey, we also did a podcast about the boozy tea from Owl’s Brew! That’s because what founders Jennie Ripps and Maria Littlefield are bringing to the drinks scene is truly exciting and special. These tea experts wanted to cut all the crap (read: any ingredient not 100% real and natural) from beverages, and point out how unnecessary any artificial ingredients actually are when you have the beautiful flavors and aromas of tea, from sweet to tart to funky to earthy to herbal to floral to spicy. They fuse the magic of tea with the creativity of cocktails to make refreshing, pair-with-everything drinks that are so light yet so complex. In the pack, try must-haves like Matcha and White Tea, Raspberry, Watermelon.

Hard Coconut Water from Osena: Coconut water is synonymous with refreshment. And immediately reminiscent of tropical vacations and palm tree-laden paradise locales. Thanks to Osena, you can instantly crack into all that loveliness with a genius boozy twist, channeling getaway vibes and bringing thirst-quenching satisfaction to friend hangs and kick-back afternoons. Experience the refreshing, rejuvenating “aaah”-ness of Osena in its Original iteration or in Pineapple.

You’ll also be wowed by hard seltzers from Drunk Fruit in flavors like Melon, Lychee, or Yuzu; cider made with farm-sourced raw juices and wild-fermented, from 101 Cider House; spicy, citrusy, bright, and juicy ginger beer from Artisan Beverage COOP; thoughtfully made cider with healthy lifestyles in mind, from Pulp Culture; and hard seltzers made with the beauty of botanicals, from AMASS.

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