Netflix Beer Pairings

As we all find the best ways to preoccupy our time inside while social distancing, there has never been a better time to submerge yourself in a new TV series. You’ve been given full license to binge watch Netflix’s deep catalog without guilt and we’re here to take your viewing experience to the next level. We’ve listed Netflix’s most quarantine approved shows and expertly paired them with beers to enhance your experience. So get comfy, pour a pairing, and begin your marathon watching journey!


Tiger King: Bullfrog Brewery Le Roar GRZZZ Cocoa Kriek

Undoubtedly one of the most watchable series on Netflix right now, this docuseries has captured audiences with its leading star, Joe Exotic. Dressed in a combination of leather, fringe, and sequins, Joe and his mullet are sure to keep you engaged. Bullfrog Le Roar GRZZZ Cocoa Kriek complements the essence of the wild with flavors from cocoa nibs and cherries that will blow your mind as equally as the rivalry between Joe Exotic and his nemesis, Carol Baskin. 100% spontaneously fermented Belgian style ale, blended from ales oak barrel aged from one to four years, you’ll finish this delicious Gueuze before your Tiger King binge is finished, better grab two!


Love is Blind: Great South Bay Therapy Session

While many of us closet our love for reality television, Love is Blind has allowed viewers to shamelessly proclaim that this is exactly the mindless content we need while at home! Beautiful contestants looking for love, check. Odd dating setup created by “relationship scientists”, check. Minor celebrity host (Nick Lachey) making unnecessary cameos throughout the series, check. As you contemplate these couples getting engaged through a wall after a week of chatting, reach for Great South Bay’s Therapy, a full bodied Session IPA brewed with Mosaic Hops. Coming in at 4.9% ABV, you’ll find yourself needing more Therapy as the drama unfolds.


Ozark: Mayflower Porter 

Dark drama rivaling the likes of Breaking Bad, Ozark’s compelling plot follows a seemingly upright Chicago family who digs a criminal hole deeper and deeper after engaging in laundering money for a Mexican drug cartel. To set the tone for your tastebuds, grab Mayflower’s Porter. A full-bodied complex brew with notes of roasted coffee beans and bittersweet chocolate that will help you withstand the twists and turns the three seasons bring in this series. 


All American: Departed Soles Go Big Or Go Home 

While sports are currently on hold, the CW delivers All-American. A teen drama following star athlete, Spencer James, of South Crenshaw who is recruited to play for an elite high school in Beverly Hills. Each episode checks the boxes of a highly addicting high school drama including tense team rivalries, coming of age bonding, and lots of high running emotions. Harping on the show’s theme, Departed Soles Go Big or Go Home Belgian Triple pairs nicely with each epic game winning touchdown. 


The Great British Bake Off: Moody Tongue Aperitif Pilsner 

A highly addicting baking competition, you won’t be able to resist the creations these amateur bakers are making. Paired with high stress time constraints and humorous commentary throughout, The Great British Bake Off is easy watching at its finest. As you’re guaranteed to attempt your own baked treats while watching, you’ll need a lager that won’t overpower the flavors in your soufflé. A standout representation of a classic pilsner, the Moody Tongue Aperitif Pilsner is light, crisp, and bready making it the perfect culinary counterpart to whatever you’re pulling out of the oven (or ordering for delivery, baking is hard). 


Stranger Things: Ghost Mischief Maker 

While Stranger Things isn't a new edition to Netflix, reliving your favorite episodes is familiar and comforting. If you haven't seen the series, this is your chance to discover who this "Eleven" character is and why there are so many memes about her. Grasp onto Ghost Brewing Co. Mischief Maker during the suspenseful scenes, you'll be instantly comforted by this aromatic Belgian IPA  and can continue watching with your tastebuds at ease. 


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