Let’s Get Festive: TapRm’s Ready to Help You Give the Gift of Beer

On Thanksgiving, the focus is on the food. Once the clock strikes midnight, though, we hit the ground running on the holiday season and two very important factors that come with it: getting festive, and treating loved ones to special gifts. You know TapRm takes care of your craft beer needs all year long, so we’re not about to abandon you now when it’s time to do more beer shopping than ever.

While celebrating is going to look very different for most of us this year, it will still be celebrating. After all, we’ve all earned some revelry dealing with this year, haven’t we? It’s time to cheers to a new year full of new hope, and even if we’re doing that over Zoom or FaceTime or bundled up in our backyards at least six feet apart, the most fun way to do it is with our favorite craft brews. 

For the same reason, there’s no better gift than beer for your friends and family, so you can spread the celebratory vibes. Giving the gift of beer checks so many boxes on the “perfect gift” list: it shows you really thought about your recipient’s interests and tastes, it’s a fun treat yet totally useful as it will save them a bit of their own beer money, and it’s something you can enjoy together--again, even if that’s virtually. 

Because the peak shopping days of the year are upon us, we’ve rounded up some of our most exciting ideas for gifts for everyone on your list and--of course--even you, too. 

For Hypebeasts: The December Exclusive Variety Pack

TapRm has carefully curated this pack of 18 cans from the breweries with which it partners as an exclusive e-commerce platform. That means these are beers you can only order through TapRm, and they’re all being gathered up to create one all star band of a mix pack. This variety box is the beer dream of anyone who loves getting their hands on all things exclusive, limited, and hard to find. With so many exclusive brews in one place, this is essentially the A-list after-party of variety packs, and giving it as a gift is like giving craft beer’s coolest invite.

For Hop Fans and Holiday Enthusiasts: The Hoppy Holidays Variety Pack

This holiday-themed variety pack features six cans and two bottles of beers that emphasize big and bold hop profiles. It’s for anyone in your life always chasing those hops, whose love language is IPAs, who can identify classic hops in one beer and buzzy new hops in another. It’s also for anyone psyched for the holiday season. You know the type: a little more stoked than everyone else, they might already be wearing a Christmas sweater (that lights up), they put their tree up before Thanksgiving, and you already got their Christmas card? They’ll be thrilled to find this hop treasure trove under that aforementioned tree.

For Collectors: The Holiday Bottle Set

For many craft beer fans, #cellarislife. They love hunting for rare, special, limited, or all of the above brews, and then aging them, and then enjoying them on special occasions (and probably Instagramming them a lot in between). The Holiday Bottle Set has three large-format bottles of specialty aged beers. They’re ready for consumption, so your lucky recipient can certainly make this very holiday that special occasion and crack right in. Or, they can keep on aging--it’s up to them with this choose your own beer adventure. 

For Those Who Want to Try It All: The Variety Gift Subscription

Why stop at one gift pack? Give the gift of beer that keeps on flowing with our new subscription model! You can choose three or six-month periods, and within those periods, your very lucky recipient (or you, we don’t judge) will receive monthly beer shipments. This literally is the gift that keeps on giving. With this variety option, each shipment will be an 18-pack that’s truly eclectic, with beers that are hoppy, sour, crushable, and so on. The possibilities are endless. This is heaven for the beer fan in your life who never stops wanting to try new things, and loves discovering fresh favorites and experimenting with different styles.

For Hazeheads Who Also Love the Classics: The IPA & Lager Gift Subscription

Same deal, slightly different approach to curation. You can choose a three or six-month subscription period and your recipient gets an 18-pack each of those months. Here, though, we narrow our focus to IPAs and lagers. These two styles are so often pitted against each other--haze and hop bombs vs. all things crisp and clean--but we see them as necessary teammates that complement one another beautifully. What’s better after a big, juicy IPA bursting with a million different flavors than a time-honored lager, striking in its simplicity? Dedicated fans know these two styles represent all the innovation and tradition that balance the world of craft beer, and those fans will look forward to the arrival of these mix packs each month.

For Drinkers of the Dark Stuff: The Dark Ale & Stout Gift Subscription

The “dark side” might be villainous if you’re Yoda, but it’s quite delightful if you’re just a human lover of porters and stouts. This three or six-month subscription of 18-packs sets its sights on all beers dark, roasty, chocolatey, espresso-y, dried-fruity, caramelly, nutty, and, well, you get the picture. Not only is it the natural choice for your friend or family member who loves a good stout, porter, or dark ale, but it’s truly a hug in the form of beer for anyone this time of year. These beers are warming and cozy, just what any beer fan wants to curl up with in winter months.

For Anyone and Everyone: The Advent Box

Advent calendars make the countdown to Christmas extra fun. Remember when you were a kid, ticking off the days by opening a little door on a little scene and finding a little chocolate? There’s no reason grown-ups can’t have that kind of fun, too, so we’ve applied the magic of advent calendars to craft beer. This 12-pack will have you counting down the 12 days of Christmas in a truly festive way. Now not only will you be excited for Christmas, itself, but you’ll be excited for each day leading up to it when you get to crack into this box and find a new surprise of a craft beer ready to become your new favorite. This kind of daily boost is the perfect way to celebrate the holidays for anyone, so we recommend getting this for everyone on your list and definitely for yourself, too.

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