Just in Time for July 4th: Some of Our Favorite Brands on How They Bask in Summer

Nothing is more quintessentially summer than the Fourth of July weekend. It combines and celebrates all the activities, destinations, and vibes that make this sunny season what it is. Barbecues, beach days, long and leisurely outdoor friend hangs, burgers off the grill, tacos, popsicles, cold beer, refreshing spritzes, sparklers--it all emphasizes what we love about summer, which is that it’s a time of year to slow down and really savor every fun moment. There’s something about the fall that makes you want to spring into action on exciting work goals; there’s something about winter that makes you want to get cozy when you’re not hopping between holiday parties; there’s something about spring that makes you want to get a fresh start and clean and redecorate. There’s something about summer that makes you just want to bask--bask in the sunshine, bask in the joy of being outside and with people you love, bask in the joy of good food and good drinks. 

There are endless ways to enjoy summer and we’ll never stop looking for inspiration to really up our maximum enjoyment game. So we talked to some of our favorite brands and brewers about their favorite summer activities and traditions, and let’s just say we got more than a few great ideas on how to have some summertime fun, all elevated with tasty craft beverages.


John Arcara, Founder of Red Tank Brewing

“We love to hang out in our outdoor biergarten in beautiful downtown Red Bank, NJ with all of our favorite customers!” says Red Tank founder John. Yes, please, give us all the biergartens this summer! There’s something extra dreamy about a taproom--well, tap space--that’s outdoors, where you feel like you can really kick back and feel the sun on your face as the afternoon turns into evening and you’re still sharing stories, and excellent beers, with friends. If you find yourself nearby, definitely visit Red Tank’s biergarten--where, to boot, there’s often live music.


Loretta Chung, Co-founder of Dyke Beer

“I look forward to going to the beach and drinking Dyke Beer Saison and Gose!” says Dyke Beer co-founder Loretta. We second this sentiment. Both Dyke Beer’s saison and gose are absolutely ideal beach beers. Take the Tall Girl Gose: it’s made with hibiscus, lingonberries, raspberry, and Himalayan pink salt. The result is an explosion of tart, sweet, bright, subtly funky flavor with a quintessential gose hint of salt; it’s so refreshing, like a tropical cocktail with an easy-drinking twist, and that salty finish feels appropriately beachy. It’s also got a bright pink hue that’s so fun to sip in the sunshine, surrounded by good friends, good music, good snacks, and waves crashing in nearby.


Steven Tang, Co-founder of Drunk Fruit

“Running marathons,” Drunk Fruit co-founder Steven says of his summer plans. “I'll be drinking one hard seltzer per mile. But it's ok, I'm a very slow runner.” Lolz--honestly, this sounds like the vibe this summer. Half active, getting out there, feeling alive, celebrating our bodies; half not taking ourselves too seriously and remembering to be in the moment and have a good time. It just so happens that Drunk Fruit’s flavorful, thirst-quenching fruity hard seltzers are absolutely perfect after a workout or on a generally active day with pals.


Tara Hankinson, Co-founder of TALEA Beer Co.

As for what TALEA co-founder Tara is looking forward to this summer? “Visiting the local parks in Brooklyn! I love an easy-drinking Kölsch for a post-park walk.” Especially for city dwellers, parks are the place to be in the summer. You can beat the heat of all that concrete with a quick and easy retreat into soft, cool grass, where you can get your preferred mix of sunshine and leafy shade. Anything from concerts or movies to impromptu frisbee or soccer games to a long, leisurely afternoon with a good book is possible, and Tara’s pick of a kölsch or TALEA’s citrusy, spicy Weekender Lager is just the sessionable drink for any of those festivities, including a scenic stroll home.


My Favorite Thing

The My Favorite Thing team has two essential plans for this summer: “Being on the water as much as possible,” and, “IPAs.” Who could argue with that? Whether you’re hitting a pool, going full beach bum, getting into surfing, heading to the lake, wakeboarding, boating--the possibilities are endless and also irresistible. The easiest way to cool down on the hottest days also happens to be the most fun. And of course, you need a cooler packed with your favorite beer or beverage for all that aforementioned fun. Take a cue from My Favorite Thing with their Green is Good Triple Hazy IPA or Total Power Exchange Hazy Double IPA.


Brian Kulbacki, EntrepreBrewer at Departed Soles Brewing Company 

Departed Soles Brewing Company’s owner and head brewer Brian is excited about, “Baseball, paired with a Trash Can Banger!” America’s favorite pastime is quintessential summer. Every season has its sports that make it uniquely something to look forward to, and summer’s is the game of long, sunny afternoons in ball parks with cold beer and hot dogs. The Departed Soles team is so devoted to baseball that they debuted the Trash Can Banger IPA in 2020 as part of some good old fashioned sports rivalry. The crushable Birdie Juice American-Style Golden Ale is another fantastic option for catching a game.



On the same page as My Favorite Thing, Jiant is also all about two things we’re planning on packing in as much as possible this summer:  “Swimming and hard kombucha/hard teas.” Jiant is known and loved for their craft, quality approach to hard kombuchas and teas, which they elevate even further with genius flavor combos and thoughtfully sourced ingredients. Post-swim, how absolutely perfect does a Guava & Mint, Passion Fruit & Elderflower, or Grapefruit & Hibiscus hard kombucha sound? Or, for the whole crew, a whole variety pack of delicious hard teas?


Richard Roy, Co-founder of NOCA Beverages

“Days on the lake, the ocean, by the pool, backyard BBQs, you name it,” NOCA co-founder Richard says for his summer plans. “If it involves good people, good times, and good drinks, I'm there.” Hear, hear! Richard basically summed up the general good times al fresco we love about this season, and at the same time, created our instant summer check list. As far as those “good drinks” he mentions, NOCA, itself, couldn’t be a better choice. A bubble-free boozy water in irresistible flavors like cherry, lime, pineapple, and peach, NOCA is a bright refresher, totally sessionable at 4.5%, with no bloat possible.


Victoria Schnaud, New Belgium Brewery 

“I'm most looking forward to beach days,” says Victoria at New Belgium. “My go to beach drink is either a Fruit Smash or Fat Tire.” From swimming to surfing to reading to catching some rays to volleyball to sandcastle competitions with family to listening to music and catching up with friends, there’s so much to do at the beach that it’s no wonder it’s probably the most popular answer to “what do you want to do this summer?” And no matter which of those beach activities you end up doing (or, you know, all of them), New Belgium’s iconic Fat Tire amber ale and fun Fruit Smash hard seltzers are instant go-to’s--you can also snatch up a New Belgium variety pack for a perfect mix of easy-drinking beer and fruit flavors.


Maria Littlefield, Co-founder of Owl’s Brew

“Going outside, boating, sunsets, beach/lake days, tennis, anything in the warm sun,” answers Owl’s Brew co-founder Maria. “I love White Tea & Watermelon after that fun in the sun.” Especially after how long and gray winters feel, no matter what you’re into, it seems like the one common denominator in everyone’s summer plans is to enjoy the sunshine. Getting a good sweat on playing tennis, or lounging in the middle of a lake on a boat--both seem equally essential. All you need is some sunscreen and your favorite drink, for which Owl’s Brew’s White Tea, Raspberry, & Watermelon boozy tea is indeed a top contender. It’s truly all natural, refreshing, and exploding with botanical and fruit flavors.


Geoffrey Pedder, Managing Partner of ZēLUS Beer Company

ZēLUS managing partner Geoffrey is getting ready for, “Trail running, or hiking, outside in the woods, and also beer gardens in a nice outside country location.” Forests, mountains, peaceful rural settings--these backdrops are a change of pace from the beach but every bit as appealing for savoring the sunshine. Whether you’re feeling the burn on a challenging hike or kicking your feet up at an outdoor beer garden, it’s time to take in some natural splendor that will totally make your season. And a good beer rewards your run or hike and complements your chill time--try ZēLUS’s Ankleknocker Gluten-Free Pale Ale or Weekender German-Style Lager.


Chris Allen, Co-founder of Osena

“I can't wait for pool season and poolside BBQs,” says Osena co-founder Chris. “I am a pool person first and foremost and luckily, even though I may be partial, I think Osena is the perfect drink any time you are in or around water.” Poolside barbecues are genius because you get to feast on comfort food without, well, leaving the pool. Take that burger right onto that pool float--now that’s living! You’ll feel like you’re on a dream tropical getaway without leaving your neighborhood, which is exactly the magical effect Osena’s boozy coconut water has. Crack a can and let the tropical flavors and effervescence whisk you away.


Tianna McDonald, Marketing & Events Director at Tivoli Brewing Co.

“Im looking forward to hiking with my dog and of course BBQ's!” Tianna at Tivoli says. “For both of those I’m usually brining our Brewmaster's Party Pack, it has all your Tivoli beer favorites.” Hiking with our best four-legged bud sounds like the ultimate summer Saturday, and it wouldn’t be complete without finding a spot with a good view to enjoy a well-earned beer. And when you do show up to those barbecues, Tivoli does indeed have quite the crowd-pleasing selection. For starters, make sure to bring a crushable light lager, hoppy IPA, and crisp pilsner.


Jeremy Kim, CEO of 하드Nectar Hard Seltzer

Nectar CEO Jeremy is planning on, “Laying on hot sand like a beached whale, drinking 하드Nectar.” #CurrentMood. For all the hiking, swimming, tennis, grilling, and backyard dancing we’ll be doing this season, it’s a necessity to block out some time on the calendar to just be a couch potato, but better, because: beach! Nectar’s hard seltzers in Asian pear, lychee, yuzu, and mandarin flavors are the ideal thirst-quencher and a variety pack will keep your whole friend group happy.


Maíra Kimura, Co-founder of Japas Cervejaria

This summer, Japas co-founder Maíra is ready for “Kayaking! And after that I'll probably be drinking Nama Biiru, our super dry rice lager, super crisp, super refreshing!” Kayaking is the perfect balance of some invigorating, rejuvenating activity and total laid-back summer fun-in-the-sun. Kinda like Nama Biiru is the perfect balance of crisp grain, lemon, and spice flavors and fresher-than-fresh, easy-drinking bliss.


Jon Moore and Jason Pazmino, Co-founders of Gay Beer

“Getting outside again, going to local parks and bike riding, going to Jacob Riis beach (“The People's Beach”), and celebrating Pride with our community.” Jon and Jason are gearing up for a summer propelled forward by the joy and celebration of Pride, and that spirit will carry through the season and the year. Gay Beer is built on coming together with the community, and that’s the message we know we want to embody all summer, from casual park hangs to the Pride parade. And a flavorful, crisp, clean, refreshing, versatile beer like Gay Beer golden lager is just the thing for any of those events.


John Ross Cocozza, Founder and President of Ross Brewing Co.

“For us at Ross Brewing, the answer is simple: spring and summer means getting out on the water and having a great time!!” says Ross Brewing founder John. Taking the words right out of our mouths when it comes to the simple joy of being on the water and of pairing that joy with a fantastic beer or two, we’ll let John take it away here:

“Being on the water, whether it's sailing or boating, is part of our DNA--it defines our brand and everything we do from a conservationist approach as well. Not to mention, being the ONLY waterfront brewery in NJ or NY with our own dock makes it easy as pie to take a quick spin on a local river! A beer like our Fish Finder Golden Helles Lager--done in partnership with legendary surfing and fishing brand Tak Waterman--is designed to take out on the water with you. Light, crisp, and refreshing, it's a great example of an American Helles Lager. And as for me personally, our first ever beer (and best selling beer!), Navesink IPA, was designed to be enjoyed on the back of our family boat on the Navesink river, and makes the cut every time we go out!”


101 Cider House

The 101 Cider House team says they “love some disc golf during the summer time. Sling a disc bag on one shoulder and a cooler bag on the other, head outdoors with some buddies and drink some light beers, seltzers, and our ciders.” Disc golf is a genius summer idea, as it combines getting moving, a dynamic group activity, and low-key fun that goes down perfectly with beverages as thirst-quenching as they are flavorful. Make sure to fill your cooler bag with 101’s Gunpowder Guava and Cactus Rosé ciders.

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