It’s #NYCBeerWeek2021 -- Here’s How to Celebrate

For many in the New York City beer community, New York City Beer Week 2020 was the last big hurrah of in-person events, gathering and catching up, and celebrating beer before the world turned upside down, making an already special time of year that much nearer and dearer to our hearts.

While things are slowly improving—there's cause for hope that we could have safe, outdoor beer events this summer, and that New York City Beer Week 2022 will be able to be a little more IRL—the world hasn't exactly flipped right-side up yet. But if we've learned anything about the New York City Beer scene this year, it's that this is an incredibly strong, resilient, dedicated, passionate bunch. The show must go on, and who's not thrilled that it is? The creative team at the New York City Brewers Guild and New York City's breweries have organized a New York City Beer Week that might be virtual, but is just as exciting. While we can't celebrate in person just yet, we don't have to sacrifice feting New York City Beer; showing our support in dollars, visits, and social media love; trying new brews and discovering new favorite breweries; and connecting with our fellow beer lovers.

A cool perk of a virtual New York City Beer Week, too, is that you can take part even if you live elsewhere in the state. Sure to blast away those winter blues and carry you into spring with some serious fun, this is the ultimate New York City Beer experience.

The main components of New York City Beer Week organized by the New York City Brewers Guild are curated beer boxes featuring a range of New York City's unrivaled brews, a virtual scavenger hunt, and a virtual gala. The boxes are sold out, but you can still do all the beer shopping your heart desires from the breweries on TapRm if you're not in the city or need/want delivery. You can find New York City Beer Week participants like Sixpoint Brewery, EBBS, 18th Ward Brewing, Alewife Brewing, and Big aLICe Brewing Co. right here on TapRm. Then, you can create your own itinerary with the NYCBG’s scavenger hunt. 

Here are the challenges--post these on Instagram with the hashtag #NYCBeerWeek and after the week is over on March 7, points will be tabulated and winners will receive prizes like brewery merch and limited-release brews.


- Order beer from any NYCBG member brewery (5 points per brewery).

If you order brews from Sixpoint Brewery, EBBS, 18th Ward Brewing, Alewife Brewing, and Big aLICe Brewing Co. and post each, that’s 25 points right there!


- Take a photo of opening a 2021 Beer Week Beer Box (12 points).


- Show us how your pet enjoys NYC breweries (3 points). 

This could mean a shot of your doggo hanging out at your favorite brewery, or your cat curled up with a can at home. 


- Build your largest wizard staff of used NYC brewery cans (3 points). 

Don’t take your recycling out until you’ve captured this photo!


- Take your own photo of an NYC brewery delivery vehicle (1 point per brewery).


- Make a food dish with an NYC beer (3 points). 

You can make beer cheese dip with Sixpoint’s Hootie; brownies with a twist, with Big aLICe’s Bodega Breakfast Stout; or mussels with EBBS’s Lager No. 1. Get cooking!


- Create your own beer pairing with an NYC craft beer (3 points).

Team a bright, light, leafy salad or a nutty cheese with 18th Ward’s Colonel Dandelion Golden Ale; spicy, roasty barbecue or spiced, dark-fruity cake with Alewife’s Frau Holle American Dark Lager; and extra-hot curry or sweet cheesecake with Five Boroughs’s Tiny Juicy IPA.


- Find a collaboration of any two (or more!) NYC brewery beers (3 points).


- Make your own mixed four-pack at a bottle shop with any NYC craft beers (4 points).

Another great challenge you can do anywhere that sells beers from New York City breweries.


- Build an NYC craft beer can pyramid, using at minimum six different cans (6 points).


- Take a picture with as many NYC brewery logos as possible (1 point per brewery). 

In addition to 18th Ward, Alewife, Big aLICe, EBBS, Five Boroughs, and Sixpoint, you can also find Bronx Brewery, Finback Brewery, Folksbier Brauerei, Grimm Artisanal Ales, Gun Hill Brewing Company, ICONYC Brewing, Interboro, Keg & Lantern Brewing Company, KCBC, SingleCut Beersmiths, TALEA Beer Co., Transmitter Brewing, and Wild East Brewing--all right on TapRm. Get those logos grouped together and that’s 19 points right there!


- Set up an NYC breweries tasting with your pandemic pod (4 points).

See above--that’s one great tasting right there, with so many different beer styles represented.


- Inception-ize someone taking an NYC beer week photo (4 points).

This is a great activity for when your pandemic pod is doing that NYC beer tasting.


- Take a picture with the KCBC X INTERBORO Taco Battle Champion Trophy (3 points).


- Take a picture of an NYC beer on any bridge (3 points).

Cue major swell of New York City pride here.


- Make a collage of NYC beer labels (3 points).

Who doesn’t love a good craft with their craft brew?


- Take a photo of your favorite beertender at an NYC brewery or bar (10 points).


- Show off your best NYC skyline and beer pairing photo (4 points). 

Extra dreamy if captured at #magichour.


- Get a local celebrity to pose with an NYC beer (4 points).

We can’t wait to see who people find for this one. Big aLICe’s Snowpiercer White Ale was brewed in partnership with TNT’s “Snowpiercer,” so that beer is kind of its own celebrity?


- Find and take a photo of the Brooklyn "B" with fermenters in the background (4 points).


- Show your most creative way to recycle an NYC beer (4 points).

Check out this guide to making succulent planters from beer cans for a little inspiration.


- Take a photo with your favorite street art and an NYC beer (4 points).

For ideas, Time Out has a round-up of some awesome spots.


- Screenshot an all-NYC beer zoom call (4 points).

Get your friends and family in on the fun and share a virtual “cheers!”.


- Find an NYC brewery sticker out in the wild (or at your favorite beer bar!) (2 points).


- Post a carousel of a three-brewery tour in one day (3 points).

Some tips based on some of our favorite breweries: Big aLICe has locations in both Long Island City and Industry City; 18th Ward is in East Williamsburg, and Alewife is in Sunnyside.


- Post a carousel of visiting all breweries in one neighborhood/area of the city in one day (6 points, plus 1 additional point for each brewery).

Here, the NYCBG provided hints like Gowanus, where you can find Threes Brewing, Finback, Strong Rope Brewery, and Wild East all super close together, plus you’re close to Folksbier and Other Half Brewing; Bushwick, where 18th Ward, Interboro, KCBC, Grimm, TALEA, Evil Twin Brewing, and Bridge & Tunnel Brewery are all strolls or quick rides apart; and Long Island City, for Big aLICe, Fifth Hammer Brewing, ICONYC, LIC Beer Project, and Rockaway Brewing Company.


- Take a picture with a famous brewery cat or dog (3 points). 


- Take a photo of you on at the Beer Week Gala (12 points).

Details, line-up, and ways to donate here!


- Stop in to DaleView's new beer shop during their Beer Week pre-soft open preview (3 points).

We love DaleView and are extra jazzed about this!


Get even more info at the NYCBG’s site, then get shopping, sipping, posting, and celebrating.

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