How Some of Our Favorite Brands & Brewers are Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is so close we can hear the bagpipes. Or maybe we’re delusional--with anticipation. Whether you’re Irish or not, we all deserve a day to come together, jig away our cares, and celebrate for a bit. March 17 is about toasting our friends and families, having some laughs, and willing a bit of good luck into the rest of the year, and all of this is of course best done with a favorite drink in hand.

St. Patty’s Day obviously has its classics. If you’re a “shut up and play the hits” type, Guinness and maybe some Irish whiskey are eagerly awaiting you. But don’t forget, there’s a whole wide world of options for some fun and fresh imbibing on this festive holiday. You could take a break from the tried-and-true tipples, or just energize your repertoire by swapping one Guinness for one unexpected craft beer. You could find the luck of green in an Asian hard seltzer--the possibilities are truly endless. The more ideas you have, the more exciting St. Patrick’s Day can be, and the more you’re guaranteed to delight any pals you’re cheers-ing with. So to provide some of those ideas from the most inspired sources there are, we turned to our trusty crew of beloved brands and brewers. Sláinte!


Steven Tang, Co-Founder of Drunk Fruit

Drunk Fruit co-founder Steven gets creative when it comes to finding a touch of green for St. Patrick’s Day, and we’re here for the refreshing new twist. Of course, the Drunk Fruit crew also balances things with a little nod to tradition.

“We go green for St. Patty's Day with our melon hard seltzer,” Steven says. “But we'd be remiss if we didn't also do some Irish Slammers.”


Richard Roy, Co-Founder of NOCA Beverages  

NOCA co-founder Richard has the right idea when it comes to choosing beverages that are super refreshing and easy-drinking, especially considering St. Patty’s Day festivities are an all-day affair. His ideal March 17 is definitely how we’d like to spend the holiday.

“St. Patrick's day for me is all about being outside and day drinking in the (hopefully) beautiful sunny weather,” Richard says. “I like to mix it up a bit and head to the nearest party with a pack of our boozy waters.”


Brooke Cure, Community Manager at Narragansett Beer Company

Meanwhile, the team at Narragansett mixes things up with their own crushable lager and the O.G. St. Patrick’s Day icon, combining the classics with a little bit of creativity.

“We go for our ‘Irish Neighbor,’ half Narragansett Lager, half Guinness!”


Chris Allen, Co-Founder of Osena

Osena’s co-founder Chris is fully on-board with that old faithful favorite for St. Patty’s Day, too. And really, who wouldn’t be? Guinness just screams--or sings--St. Patrick’s Day, in all of its convivial glory. Pro tip: balance the full-bodied roastiness and creamy head of a good Guinness by taking breaks with the light, bright, thirst-quenching goodness of Osena’s hard coconut water.

“I've been partial to a proper Guinness ever since I visited Dublin and saw the Storehouse ten years ago,” Chris says. “I went to Notre Dame after all--we love our Guinness!”


Geoffrey Pedder, Managing Partner of ZēLUS Beer Company

Managing partner of ZēLUS Geoffrey takes a different approach to, well, doing things differently. And this time, it’s still paying homage to tradition, since porters are one of the oldest classics in beer and actually sparked the stout category. With ZēLUS’s porter, you get beautifully balanced chocolate sweetness and restrained roast, an easy grab for your revelry.

“We go with a porter--Light Into Dark. Stouts are harder to distribute because they are nitrogenated.”


Brian Kulbacki, EntrepreBrewer at Departed Soles Brewing Company and Jersey City Lagers & Ales

“My preference is an Irish Red Ale and some Bushmills!”

Over at Departed Soles, “EntrepreBrewer” Brian champions yet another time-honored ritual for this Irish day of celebration: a red ale, and Irish whiskey. If you’re less into stouts, or just want to try something else, Irish red ales are a lighter, toasty, graham way to embrace the day and its roots.


Tianna McDonald, Marketing & Events Director at Tivoli Brewing Co.

Bo Girl Pilsner!” Tivoli’s Tianna says. “Not only is the can the perfect green to ensure you wont be pinched when its in hand, it’s refreshing with rye tasting finish.”

We love Tianna’s resourcefulness--Bo Girl is one delicious method of pinch prevention. And that makes this easy drinker feel a little lucky, too. Plus, that rye finish will conjure up the warm coziness of Irish soda bread, all in light and tasty beer form.


Jeremy Kim, CEO of 하드Nectar Hard Seltzer

There will also be no pinching with Nectar CEO Jeremy’s beverage plans.

“If it's colored green, I will drink Nectar's Asian Pear flavor (shameless plug).”

Nectar’s Asian pear seltzer is an irresistible way to toast the day if you’re not into stouts or even beer, or really if you just want to shake things up. It promises to wow all the friends you’re spending the day with, too.


Jon Moore and Jason Pazmino, Co-Founders of Gay Beer

“We are known to enjoy a Guinness or a Killian's Red but they are hard to find,” note Jon and Jason, Gay Beer’s co-founders. Killian’s Red, an Irish red ale, is like the somewhat more under-the-radar sibling to the Guinness stout in terms of St. Patrick’s Day classics. It’s another delightful example of Irish beer culture. If you can’t find a Killian’s, though, and want something convivial, easy-drinking, and delicious to alternate between Guinness pours with, we have to recommend Gay Beer, itself! The clean, crisp, 5% ABV golden lager was made for getting together with friends.


Maíra Kimura, Co-Founder of Japas Cervejaria

“We don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Brazil (some people and brands do, but it's not so common),” Japas co-founder Maíra says.I wish we had Shukurimu this year, our green beer with matcha, LOL! But Neko IPA [works], since we say we add luck to it, and the label is green.”

The Neko IPA is another good example of the aforementioned pinch prevention, with its lovely green can--plus bonus points because cats! These particular cats are Maneki Neko, the “lucky cat” amulet of Japan. The cat with a left paw raised brings customers to businesses, with a right paw, it brings fortune. So, the Neko IPA is a fresh spin on embracing good luck on March 17.


Robby Willey, Co-Founder of The Virginia Beer Co.

Over at The Virginia Beer Company, they’re recreating their own examples of St. Patrick’s Day classics. An Irish staple made with VBC’s brilliant brewing and high-quality ingredients? We’re excited, and so is VBC co-founder Robbie.

“We are THRILLED to be enjoying our very own Dry Irish Stout recipe this year just in time for St. Patrick's Day!” Robby says. “The Craic is a Dry Irish Stout collaboration with New York's own The Craic Irish Pub & Lounge. Meant to inspire the great company, grand times, and lively conversation (aka, the craic) enjoyed daily at 488 Driggs Avenue in Brooklyn, this Dry Irish Stout release is also meant to evoke the rich history that inspired the founding of one of New York's premier Irish public houses. Featuring a healthy base of roasted barley, this 4.2% abv recipe is replete with notes of coffee, bittersweet chocolate, and a subtly smoky finish. Enjoy a pint as-is, or try a pour from the Nitro tap to add layers of smooth creaminess to your forthcoming cheers.”

Just in case you can’t pick up some Craic Dry Irish Stout in time for St. Patty’s Day, VBC’s Elbow Patches Oatmeal Stout is always a hit.


John Ross Cocozza, Founder and President of Ross Brewing Co.

“St. Patrick's Day is SUCH an important tradition for the Ross family, we make sure we do it the right way every year, and for us ‘the right way’ means ‘in a big way!’” Ross Brewing founder and president John says. “The Irish side of my own lineage has brewers going back generations, and remember, before we opened Ross Brewing, we built, owned, and operated two Irish pubs, one in Staten Island and one in NJ. Being right on the parade route meant St. Patrick's Day was a literal all-day affair! And we most definitely celebrated with a nice Irish stout--some that we enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) are from O'Hara's, Murphy's, and of course Guinness. I've always been a fan of Irish red ales as well, and even Irish cream ales, and am sure to enjoy all three of those this year. We'll also be enjoying for the first time this year our very own BUNS & BARLEY, which is an Irish Stout base taken up a notch--we added a whole bunch of Cinnamon Buns from our favorite local bakery Almost Home to the mash, and then some more cinnamon and vanilla to the fermenters. The result? A 10.5% stout that will make you feel like you've found a pot of gold for sure!”

If you can’t get your hands on Ross’s incredible-sounding Buns & Barley stout update in time for St. Patrick’s Day, embrace the chocolatey, roasty tradition of porters with their Passaic Porter.


Loretta Chung, Co-Founder of Dyke Beer

“I like to go with a Black and Tan,” Dyke Beer co-founder Loretta says. The Black and Tan is another favorite for St. Patrick’s Day, a 50-50 combo of a pale ale and a stout, like Guinness. Not only is this layered drink visually striking, but it’s oh so easy to make (check out The Spruce Eats for details), lightens up the stout, and creates a best-of-both-worlds beverage. Try a craft Black and Tan with Alementary Brewing Company’s Random Placement pale ale plus Interboro’s Approved stout.


Kevin Wong, Co-founder of Lunar

“I stay pretty traditional with a good old Guinness,” Lunar co-founder Kevin says. “Though this year I'll probably reach for their latest Nitro Coffee release.” This is yet another vote for “keeping it classic,” albeit with the possible tasty update of nitro’s creamy finish and some delicious coffee.


Tara Hankinson, Co-Founder of TALEA Beer Co.

For TALEA co-founder Tara, it’s about upping the imbibing game with a tried-and-true cocktail that feels fresh for St. Patty’s Day--easy, always delicious, nice and light. 

“Gin & tonic with spirulina for color!”

Adding a pop of spirulina (which happens to boast a bunch of wellness boosters) brings festive green without distracting too much from the gin and tonic’s botanical character.


John Arcara, Founder of Red Tank Brewing

“We have a dry Irish Stout Called Broad St. Stout and we have a huge St. Patrick's Day event at our brewery,” says Red Tank founder John. An Irish stout and a party? Consider our plans officially inspired.

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