Foolproof Gifts to Delight Everyone on Your List

‘Tis the season for gift guides! And to catch you up, TapRm has been making sure we’ve got you covered on all your shopping needs. Because we care--truly! We know what it’s like to wake up in a cold sweat on December 24 and wonder where the month went and then proceed to storm the aisles of the local Duane Reade in a panic, trying to figure out who we can pass off a bottle of melatonin gummies to as an actual thoughtful gift.

We do not want this for you. It might sound aspirational, but we see a world in which we really all get to live our best holiday lives, whether that’s filling your social calendar to the brim or embodying the spirit of hygge with cozy layers by the fireplace. Whatever your ideal December looks like, it presumably doesn’t include tug-of-war-ing it with a stranger over the last quesadilla maker at Kohl’s. It’s about the rush of effortlessly checking off every person on your list, with the satisfaction of knowing each of them is actually going to love what you got them. We know smug isn’t always a good look, but this time, we’ll allow it. Settle into that smugness over your own favorite beer with friends or under a blanket on your favorite chair. You’re never going to experience another stress-blur of a holiday season.

Not to be a broken record, but we keep coming back to the point that the key to this accomplishment is gifting loved ones beer, or hard seltzer or hard cider or hard kombucha or canned cocktails or wine spritzes. Because you know they’re going to love it, you know they’re going to enjoy that experience, and you know they’re going to feel seen. Hey, this isn’t just about you--we also care about every person on your list! We want them to be wowed this year. We want you all to celebrate together with your favorite beverages. That’s why we’ve written a gift guide on special gifts to jump start your shopping right after Thanksgiving; then wrote a round-up of what our favorite brewers are gifting and wishing for as a source of inspiration; and now, we’re still not done. We’re back with one more super helpful, super fun, foolproof gift guide. It’s not quite last minute, though it will certainly work for those of you who tend to shop down to the wire. And it’s handily categorized for every kind of friend, family member, co-worker, etc. on your list.


For the Insiders and Influencers: TapRm Exclusive Variety 18-Pack

We all know someone who is forever in hot pursuit of what’s new, now, and next. They’re up on all the fashion trends, they know about a band before they’ve even released a song, they…understand NFT’s. They’ve got a finger on the pulse of culture and/or tech, and their friends look to them for tips on what’s cool. This It factor extends to all things exclusive, from sneakers you’re pretty sure were not sold to the general public to the VIP section of places you didn’t know had a VIP section. But this friend or family member is far from pretentious about their insider lifestyle; instead, they share and welcome everyone in on the fun. So, you want to show them how much you appreciate them with a stellar gift that recognizes their star status. 

TapRm’s Exclusive Variety 18-Pack runs the gamut on styles, featuring beers from breweries that exclusively partner with TapRm to sell certain products. From crispy bois to hazies to fruited sours to pastry stouts, your recipient will be thrilled to get all the in-demand beer styles that are only on TapRm. Best of all? You can even get them a subscription to this pack, with deliveries occurring every two, four, or six weeks. Now that’s staying ahead of the beer curve.


For the Fitness Fanatics and Adventurers: Seltzer, Cider, and Tea Variety 18-Pack Subscription

There are plenty of people who might be on your list who are seeking ways to say, “Cheers!” that aren’t beer. There are the athletes and workout gurus who want to celebrate their hard work with friends over something lighter, more refreshing, more crushable. There are adventurers--both the adventurers setting out on a hike or camping trip and wanting to pack easy-drinking delights, and the adventurers who are forever curious about new flavor profiles, beverage categories, and trends. There are also people who just don’t love beer! For all of these people, our Seltzer, Cider, and Tea Variety 18-Pack promises to thrill.

They will find a whole bouquet of different, unique, surprising, exciting beverages perfect for winding down or gearing up for a little party time. They’ll love fresh takes on go-to’s like hard seltzer, and they’ll make whole new discoveries like a piquette spritz or a spiked, sparkling matcha. This pack is an adventure in a box, and an irresistible one at that. It also happens to be a subscription, with delivery options for every two, four, or six weeks. It’s literally the gift that keeps on giving!


For the Perpetually #ISO Craft Beer Connoisseurs: Hoppy Variety 12-Pack

On the other side of the coin, you might have someone on your list who is the ultimate craft beer fan. They spend their weekends in taprooms, they travel for big beer fests, they line up at the crack of dawn for limited releases, they trade with Instagram pals for beers only available on the other side of the country. They can list brewers’ greatest beers like a sports fan can list stats. You love beer, but you often get tips on what trends, new styles, and hot upcoming breweries to follow from this friend or family member. And no, you can’t get them another novelty glass or brewery tee.

The way to this person’s heart is, undoubtedly, our Hoppy Variety 12-Pack, which will fulfill their every hoppiness desire. Bitter West Coast IPAs, juicy New England IPAs, crushable session IPAs, pleasantly boozy imperial IPAs, spicy rye IPAs, fruited IPAs--they won’t be missing out on any sought-after interpretation of hoppy beer, and, as always, they’ll both find old favorites and discover new ones.


For the Gourmands & Home Chefs: Arrowood Farm’s Unending Curiosity Farmhouse Ale

For the sophisticated foodie and/or the passionate home chef, the way to wow them is to hone in on intriguing flavors and truly special, unique products. Products they’ll want to proudly display and, in this case, pour at their next dinner party. Arrowood Farm’s Unending Curiosity Farmhouse Ale promises to finally be something even this gourmand has never had before. 

This farmhouse ale, already a style beloved for its wine-like elegance and elevated pairing with different dishes, is brewed with smoked malts and local oyster mushrooms, and then bottle-conditioned with maple syrup. It’s one of those combinations that is unexpected but magical, exactly what your recipient will appreciate. This beer harmoniously blends earthy, smoky, and sweet flavors and aromas with the perfect balance of lush body and crisp carbonation. Your loved one will still be talking about this beautiful bottled beer until next holiday season.


For the Mixology Mavens: Springdale Beer Co.’s Not Stirred - Negroni Barrel-Aged Ale

You love this person so much that you’re willing to forget that year they wore suspenders or maybe tried to grow a handlebar moustache. Besides, you actually benefit from their intense fascination with the chemistry, potions, and alchemy of mixology. They’ve got bookshelves lined with everything from recipe collections to entire volumes on amaro, trailblazing bartenders are their celebrities, and their bar cart is more impressive than the inventory at many actual bars. And all that results in you getting cocktails both gorgeous and delicious whenever you visit.

This person may not always pay attention to beer, but you can wow them, surprise them, intrigue them, and connect with them by giving them a special, beautifully packaged beer that embraces cocktail culture. Springdale’s Not Stirred - Negroni picks up on all the wonders of the iconic tipple, via barrel-aging with orange zest, juniper berries, anise, vanilla, and cranberry juice. It tastes like something that took half an hour and 25 ingredients to mix together, but it of course only requires the bottle be opened. Genius.


For the Sweet Tooths: Ross Brewing Co.’s Brux Royale Belgian Chocolate Stout

Does your brother love baking so much that there ends up being way more dessert than dinner at holiday gatherings? Does your friend make sure she brings back the fanciest candy from wherever she travels? Is your cousin obsessed with “Great British Bake-Off”? Does your significant other consider the evening incomplete without some kind of sugary snack?

You can celebrate your loved one’s sweetness in a special, elevated way with the Brux Royale Belgian Chocolate Stout from Ross Brewing. This beer is the sophisticated, luxurious, indulgent way to do dessert, and in an effortlessly celebratory fashion. It’s brewed with chunks and chunks of Belgian chocolate, plus molasses, cacao nibs, vanilla, milk sugar, Belgian abbey ale yeast, Franco-Belgian chocolate malt, biscuit malt, roasted barley, flaked oats, and more. Basically, it’s a divine beer, which makes it a divine gift, too.


For the Collectors and Sophisticated Spirits Lovers: Goose Island’s Bourbon County 2021 Double Barrel Toasted Barrel Stout

Obviously, we don’t agree with any assertions that beer can’t be a “nice” or “fancy” enough gift for the holidays. Even a simple four-pack of cans is truly special if that’s what your recipient loves. There’s something just plain lovely about really seeing your friend or family member, appreciating their interests, and delighting them with a favorite or new discovery. That said, beer, itself, can also dress up to the nines to thrill someone on your list who might be in the market for a more formal brew. 

Goose Island’s annual Bourbon County Stout releases are eagerly awaited by beer fans, strategically shopped for, aged for months and even years, and take pride of place in collectors’ cellars. The gift of Bourbon County Stout is rare and special, whether your recipient wants to display it or crack into it immediately. In particular, this 2021 Double Barrel Toasted Barrel Stout is also a must-have for not only those collectors, but spirits aficionados, as well, considering its careful aging in toasted Elijah Craig barrels. This brew will surprise even the most sophisticated tastes, and is even already elegantly packaged.


The Holiday Lovers and, Well, Just About Anyone on Your List: Holiday-Themed Brews on TapRm

Beer is a wonderful holiday gift--see above! And that means any beer. But there are also super festive, seasonally perfect brews that are added fun for the holidays. These beers are instant smash hits for anyone on your list who starts decorating before Thanksgiving, watches “Love Actually” or “Elf” on the same day every year, is currently already baking batch 32 of cookies, and has their own gift shopping done in September. These people, soundtracked by the Christmas tunes they’re forever singing along to, get so much joy out of this time of year, and these beers fit so well into that--they’re a way to toast all of this seasonal fun.

Holiday beers are also ideal presents for people on your list who might not be super close friends or family members, but who you want to show some appreciation and cheer to. As long as you know they enjoy an adult beverage, these festive brews enter the scene with “special and gift-worthy” written all over them.

We’re talking the Here Comes Santa Claws IPA or the Jingle Zombie Apocalypse Sour from KCBC; the Holidaze Strong Ale from Rubsam & Hormmann, the Bourbon Barrel-Aged Double Evil Santa Imperial Spiced Milk Stout from The Virginia Beer Company, and the Hammer Holiday or the Holiday Goblin from Fifth Hammer. All guaranteed to bring cheer and “cheers!”

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